Greetings, gentle readers — is that love in the air I sense, or just Latino sweat from the nearby soccer field? LOL! I hope this finds everyone doing well in this second month of 2012 (Leap Year, no less!) I’ll start by saying I finally rounded up the photos that I mentioned the last time — our reigning Miss Continental PLUS Chelsea Pearl and Miss Continental Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington, affectionately known as Gabby. Neat thing is they are both former titleholders in the U.S.ofA. system, too. So, they’re sisters twice over. Maybe even more — I’d have to ask. I will be seeing both of them in just weeks when I travel to Miami for the Carolina Continental pageants and the State of Florida Continental Mr. and Miss the night before in Ft. Lauderdale. I understand Mr. Flint will be at both doing signings of his new book, “Jim Flint: The Boy from Peoria” available on shelves and websites now! I’ll be hosted by my good friend of many years, Alyson Thomas, who recently won Miss Noche Latina Elite in Miami, and on the same night, Alexis Mateo from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” won Miss Noche Latina.

Miss Continental Elite
Chelsea Pearl

While on the subject of Continental, I can report winners of the following prelims: Minnesota PLUS Alexis Zadora, West VA PLUS Adriana Fuentes, North Shore PLUS Regina Aigner (an old friend from St. Louis), Heart of America PLUS Kara Belle and runner-up Tatiana de la Rouge and State of FL PLUS Ginger Minj and RU Sasha Sommers (a former Carolina Cont. PLUS). For the Elite queens, we have State of FL winner Diva with RU Anjila Cavalier, Heart of America Sherry Payne (yes, ma’am!) and Ashley Kruiz and Miss North Shore Fantasya Dior.

I do know there won’t be any Miss America prelims until next month, but that Kirby Kolby has been travelling all over the place, most recently to Arizona, which I hear she loved. Kirby’s first prelim as Miss Gay America will be in Memphis: the Mid-America contest. I recently judged the Miss Don’t H8 contest (to be covered in another write-up hopefully?) in Winston-Salem. I must say, she was wonderful, complete with lovely frocks. That poor Jeff Coble and other tailors may need a break after a year with Coti and now Katherine.

I mentioned the “Drag Race” earlier. I’ve not even seen it yet, but I understand Chad Michaels of San Diego and Sharon Needles of PA are stand-outs so far. I’ll have to check in with our region’s only impersonator to make the cut, Victoria Parker, to see if she has tea from the season premiere. I know she was in L.A. as she is planning on moving out there (if she hasn’t already). I may have to do a goodbye or “exit” interview with that thing! She recently got 1st RU at the Miss’d America pageant in Atlantic City, NJ, with Sabel Scities being crowned. Chantel Reshae made the Top 5 as well. I heard Porkchop had her Miss Piggy swimsuit re-done and the kiddies are still talking about it! Sorry I missed that one, Sally! Congrats to Kitty Hiccups, a native of NC, on her year!

I am trying to round up tea about the EOY prelims…I sure wish I could lay eyes upon the fierce national titleholder, Miss Aurora Sexton. That is one more tuna straight out of the can, damn! I do know one of her first prelims was Ohio Valley which Karmen de la Rouge won with RU Tatiana de la Rouge. Aurora makes an appearance here in the Tarheel State the last weekend of May when Miss NC is held at CO2 in Winston. Lord, they’ll be so many “panty-sniffers” (admirers) there, you won’t be able to get to the gal, probably. Ha!

Miss Continental
Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington

On the U.S.ofA. scene, our Luscious is racking up the frequent flier miles! Try this for a schedule, along with winners of the prelims: Miss NY Sunni Dee Lite and RU Karen Covergirl; Oklahoma, Shanel Sterling; SC, Kristina DeeVine with RU Alexis Mateo (yep, ‘cause interview is a category, too, boys and girls, and I thank you!); Arizona, Saellah V; and South Central States, Nina DeAngelo and Kylie Crawford. One more At-Large prelim that the gorgeous Desiree DeMornay has presided over, that of Supernova which Rochelle Delight won. And, finally, the Classic ones with Catia Lee Love reigning supremely over. Miss Arizona, Onyx; Miss South Central States, Dina Jacobs with RU Sharde’ Ross (our former Miss NC America); Oklahoma, Kris Kohl with RU Shantel Mandalay; and Arkansas, Britney Nicole.

I’ll finish up with things local, as I usually do. A big congrats goes out to the gorgeous, statuesque Eden Parque Divine who recently won Miss Scorpio. Her runners-up were Valerie Rockwell and Angela Lopez. Many formers were present, including two whom I had not seen in some time — Tia Douglas (gimme that rainbow jacket by Angelica, girl!) and Beverly Iman Johnson, now living in Atlanta, who was lovely. I heard from Ivy White who could not make it to Charlotte to give her title up. She sends love to her fans and supporters here. She makes her home in TN now.

It was my pleasure to judge in late January what is called the Newest Entertainer of the Year contest. This happens to be the only contest I ever did, and I won it in 1996 with the help of “my village.” LOL! The dancer we admire and know as Fudge actually sang and won. His RU was Beth Ann Phetamine who did a fantastic job on stilts. Incredible! I understand a week or so before, I missed what was to be Sierra Santana’s retirement show. I understand they really carried on for ole girl. Sis, I’m glad you went out with a bang!

Coming up around here — the Miss Don’t H8 Diva contest in Winston-Salem at CO2; Nina Flowers (a fierce Puerto Rican drag queen, DJ and make-up “artiste” who makes her home in Colorado, of all places) at the Rainbo In at Lake Wylie; and the ’80s and ’90s gay icon Madonna makes her way to Charlotte finally in November at the Time Warner Cable Arena.

I almost forgot to mention — there’s a new club down in Greenville, N.C., called the Limelight. Mr. Glenn Haddock is back, along with Jeremy Jordan and their team from the old Paddock days in the Paddock location there on Dickinson Avenue. Is the Harley shop still up front? Well, we’ll see soon enough. I do know they had an inaugural show with the likes of Ebony Summers and Purina Chow in da house! I’m missing someone, I know — write me and read me, girl! I’ll get ya the next time, I promise! : :

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