Oh kids, time draweth nigh and my column is due once again. My, my, my — what shall we discuss this time? A pageant in a blizzard? Rescuing Coco Couture’s and her friend’s things from a car with no keys? (Thank goodness I bought this year’s membership with AAA after all). One never knows what will be encountered in the wonderful world of pageantry, right?

And, speaking of Asheville queens, hats off this time to my Cherokee sis Vivica Dupree who won all categories at Miss Asheville Sweetheart. Her runners-up were Manhattan and Giselle St. James (Jacqueline’s daughter, who was there to support and dance for dear daughter). Another Sweetheart contest was recently held at Warehouse 29. Cherries Jubilee won Talent and the crown. Her RUs included Sassi Stevenz (who won Creative Presentation), Felicity Brylette (winning Creative Evening Gown) and Vanessa Cottrell.

Shame on me for not mentioning that there was a screening of “Pageant” in Atlanta not long ago at the Plaza Theatre with Bubba D. Licious and the Lady Bunny hosting. Sure wish it would come to the Queen City! One star of the movie, Victoria Parker, was recently on L. A. Talk Radio talking about the movie and “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” I’m sure that was a holler!

In national pageantry prelim news, congrats are going out to Jodie Santana who recently won Miss Missouri Continental Elite. Trinity Taylor of Birmingham, AL just won Great Lakes EOY and was crowned by the national titleholder, Nina West (last year’s winner of the same prelim). Hats off to Michigan’s Natalie Cole who was recently crowned the newest Miss Unlimited in Hickory. Her RUs were Alexis Nicole Whitney and our Miss NC, Quindyn “Q” Campbell.

On the U.S.ofA. scene, we have aplenty to report on. Our Miss At Large, Tajma Hall, tells me that she and the other national titleholders had the red carpet rolled out for them recently in Las Vegas for the Sin City prelims. Royal treatment does not even begin to describe the things these ladies enjoyed, I’m told — private shows, VIP soirees and lovely seats to see the “real” Miss America pageant!

Apparently, the promoter Stephan has all the right connections. Naomi St. James won with RU Alina Maletti. April Reign won the At Large with RU Alexis Nicole Whitney. Amber Nixx won the Classic. All kinds of lovely Texas girls in the mix. A big shoutout to my sis Victoria LePaige who just won Miss Arizona — this three-time former national title-holder has her eyes on another rhinestone prize. Get it, girl! Kudos also go out to the new Miss AL Tiffany Rachels, Miss FL Natasha Braxton with RUs Dorae Saunders and Josephine (O’Hara) Andrews, Miss NJ Sahara Davenport and Miss OK Mya Mokha Iman.

And, let us not forget the Mother Nature’s nightmare that was Miss NC! It started out with interviews at the host hotel and a great show at Scorpio that night, featuring formers Tiffany Bonet (celebrating her 10th anniversary), Jessica Jade, Versage, plus Miss NC U.S.ofA. At Large Eden Parque Divine (my first time seeing this lovely queen) and the outgoing Miss NC, Cierra Nichole. Then Kara Young-Ross flew in, her bags were delayed and it just all kinda went downhill from there for a little while. There were rumors of postponing the pageant, but a few dedicated folks pulled it off minus a few contestants and most everyone else but the die-hards (including myself). Brooke Divine won Interview with a perfect score and Talent (and the crown, too, obviously) and Raven Wood won Gown and was named 1st RU. Other contestants included 2nd RU Cheetah Shaw and Briana Love. Everyone involved that evening deserves a big thank you and a pat on the back for taking part, even Alana D. Steele and her gang from Indy who participated when folks from just right around the corner were complaining and criticizing. This is show business, folks, and the show must go on!

And, speaking of Tiffany Bonet, she told me the Sweethearts of XTC show at Warehouse 29 (that I missed at the last minute) was fantastic. Paris LeBon emceed. The place was packed by 10:30 pm. I’m told in the audience that one could spy former NC legends of the stage like Sammera Stevens, Candace Corday and Tiffany Wellington. Wow — sorry I did miss it!

Let’s make a trip to the gorgeous NC mountains for the U.S.ofA. pageants in Asheville at Scandals, featuring all the national titleholders including Kara Young-Ross, Tajma Hall, Shae Shae LaReese, plus our fierce Mr. U.S.ofA. Ram Crawford, Miss Texas Leyla Edwards O’Hara (my little baby), plus Regine Phillips, Coco Couture, the hott Wendy Williams, and more. Road trip!

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