A guest post from reader Robert Kellogg, president of the Gaston County Democratic Party:

The Gaston Gazette posted an article responding to the questions about Forrester’s résumé and false claims that he is a fellow with a specific medical association. The response makes it appear as though it is just the gay and lesbian community interested in knowing how an educated man, a doctor, a legislator, can forget what medical associations he belongs to and if he is a fellow at one of them.

The larger question is has his tainted résumé assisted him in his political career and has it given him added credibility to the public when making statements such as homosexuals can expect to live an average of 20 years less than their heterosexual counterparts?

Forrester brushes it off as though it is a simple lapse of memory. We are talking about a professional elected to represent the constituents of his district who does not understand that a false résumé is a big deal. Whether a deliberate error or a lapse of judgment, both make it difficult to believe what the Senator says.

As a mouthpiece for legislation and the author and chief promoter of a bill that could potentially segregate a whole population group in North Carolina the public deserves to know the truth and to be aware of the Senators issue with making things up and/or forgetting what he has said or done.

This story is much more than a gay advocate questioning the author of the gay marriage ban amendment. This is about truth, honesty and presenting facts and figures with credibility. Our Democracy is crumbling right before our eyes here in Gaston County and the good Doctor turned State Senator continues to be in the driver’s seat of this runaway train. I want my Democracy back!