In April 2019 the LGBT Center of Raleigh announced that Lindsey Lughes would be joining the center as their new executive director. The organization confirmed they were excited with her background and intrigued by what she could potentially bring to the table. 

It was clear all of that changed approximately two years later, when Lughes was abruptly placed on suspension, and then shortly thereafter terminated. The Center has refrained from commenting about what might have happened, until now.

As of January 21, they released a statement addressing concerns surrounding the development:

“…last summer we discovered some unusual financial activity in our books. After consulting with our accounting contractor and enlisting a law firm to investigate, Lindsey was placed on an immediate suspension. After a more thorough investigation, her employment was terminated…

“We had planned to publicly share information about the fraud after charges had been filed because we do not want to interfere with the investigation. [Because] of a recent media request, we are disclosing the fraud but not sharing information about how the fraud was perpetrated or the investigation itself.

“While the SBI has been conducting this investigation, our Board and the Center have mobilized over the last seven months to ensure something like this never happens again.

“Dolph Goldenburg – an experienced non-profit director and LGBTQ+ advocate – has been serving as the Interim Executive Director, and our staff [continues to provide] programs and services. We look forward to this next chapter at the Center, and our door is open to your questions and feedback.”

While the investigation is ongoing, there is no current information available that Lughes has been arrested or formally charged in Wake County. None of her social media accounts show evidence of any activity since June, 2021 and a review of private surveillance websites show that she moved from her last known address in Raleigh in August, 2021.

At press time, her whereabouts were unknown.

David Aaron Moore

David Aaron Moore is a former editor of Qnotes, serving in the role from 2003 to 2007. He is currently the senior content editor and a regularly contributing writer for Qnotes. Moore is a native of North...