Steven Williamson and Alvis Speight were dismissed from their careers as Wake County Deputies in 2018. Prior to discharge, these two men informed their superiors that Lieutenant Teddy Patrick had made racist and homophobic comments during a training session.

Williamson and Speight claim they were fired because of their disclosure of Patrick’s statements and behavior. The two men are also taking aim at Sherriff Gerald Baker, who is reportedly friends with Patrick outside of work.

Baker’s Wake County Government bio reads: “Sheriff Baker is focused and dedicated to rebuilding the Sheriff’s Office on following the tenets of accountability, integrity, transparency and consistency. He understands these principles are conducive to community policing and ethical standards of conduct.”

The irony of this statement is directly reflected in the testimonies of Speight and Williamson. Although it was not Sheriff Baker who made the discriminatory remarks, the former deputies have labeled him as an enabler of such prejudice; electing to protect Patrick rather than honor his platform promises.

In a story carried by the News and Observer, statements taken from the two men allege the following, “Patrick told the deputies present that he didn’t believe in being gay, did not like gay people, and made statements that were derogatory towards homosexuals.” Other sources have reported that Patrick also made odd and bigoted remarks about transgender individuals, as well, saying “words to the effect of that if a man came to his house dressed as a woman, he would not permit that man to enter his house.”

There has been much debate over Patrick’s alleged racism and racist comments, because he is a person of color himself. During a portion of his training session, Patrick reportedly stated: “If white people keep killing themselves, black people will be the majority instead of the minority.” Additional claims indicated he had stated that he was “uncomfortable around Muslims on airplanes.”

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