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Religion and faith were never meant to exclude or harm people. But yet history tells us differently. Across the State of North Carolina, we find ourselves battling over liberty and freedom — and it has all come down to where we take a piss. Ironic. Moronic. Yes, indeed.

From the moment I started doing drag, I knew that some drag queens live as transgender women and I quickly wanted to learn more. For some trans women, drag was a way early-on in their transition to explore their gender identity and expression. For others, it was an escape and coping mechanism when they needed community. Regardless, I believe that drag provides all people a way to be more comfortable in their skin and to break away from the rigid social construct of how we view gender.

Today the stakes for transgender people are much higher. And these past few weeks, it is clear that transgender people are under attack by the North Carolina state legislature and the governor’s office. The passing of House Bill 2 (HB2) and enactment of the law places trans people in danger — and particularly trans women and trans women of color who already face high rates of harassment, assault and murder.

HB2 polices bathrooms and locker room facilities by “biological sex” as defined on a birth certificate. Assumingly, if you are questioned by law enforcement, you should have your birth certificate handy as criteria to determine if you should use a men’s facility or women’s facility. Huh? Seriously, how stupid is that.

Now is the time to show Gov. Pat McCrory and the North Carolina state legislature that this is far from over. Repeal HB2! Here are five things you can do to make a difference right now.

1. Ring. Ring. Let your voices be heard!

Call Gov. Pat McCrory, the North Carolina speaker of the house and senate president pro tem. You may think its useless, but holding politicians accountable for their actions is what it is all about. So, give them a call and tell them how you feel. Be sure to give your name and the North Carolina city you live in.

Gov.Pat McCrory | 919-814-2000 |

Speaker of the House of Representatives Rep. Tim Moore | 919-733-3451

Senate President Pro Tem Sen. Phil Berger | 919-733-5708

jamiemonroe_flushmccrory2. Social Media: Go Viral

Post Meme: #FlushMcCrory or post one of your own like Jamie Monroe

Tweet: @PatMcCroryNC #HB2 is the most sweeping anti-LGBT law in the land. #FlushMcCory #RepealHB2 #WeAreNotThis

3. Email your elected officials

Yes, even though you may have called the governor, there are still other elected officials to hold accountable. Plus, calling and emailing shows that you are persistent and mean business. Equality NC has made it easy for you to email members of the North Carolina state legislature directly with a message to repeal HB2. Go to to learn more.

4. Protest. Rally. #FLUSHMCCRORY

Civil forms of protest and rallies are vital to a democracy. Be clever in how you demonstrate your views and always be sure you are on message with the goal to repeal HB2. If you are not the public type to rally, one simple thing you can do is get #FLUSHMCCRORY bathroom stall stickers for statewide activism. Check it out at

5. Register to Vote

These actions will have repercussions if we register to vote and get our friends to elect new political leadership come this November — #FLUSHMCCRORY. At least 25 days before the election this November, be sure you are registered to vote and check to be sure the physical address on your voter registration matches your North Carolina driver’s license. You can register at any public library, the Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Social Services or public health office.

DRAG TIP: Never give up. We must fight hard for what we believe. Discrimination is wrong. #FLUSHMCCRORY!

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