First and foremost, I need to say that qnotes appreciates all of our columnists. We have a lot of great people that contribute to this newspaper. With that said, we don’t always agree with their views or the subject of their column. It even states that in our masthead on page three of each issue.

I also need to say that I am not perfect. Certainly not the best editor this paper has ever had. I am a better publisher than editor. However, I own the responsibility of the job.

Before going to press with our Aug. 9, 2019 issue, I was taken back by the start of the Health & Wellness column, “Fat Is Not Fab.” When I read it and looked at the percent of body fat statistics and how most of the piece was written with a health and wellness intention, as well as knowing the author’s heart and not being a person that is of considerable size myself, I overlooked some things I should not have. I am sorry and regret that. I have had a conversation about this with the author. We have edited the column on our website to better reflect the intentions of the author.

In the upcoming issue of qnotes you will see that the column, Dishing with Buff Faye, “I Am Fat and Fab,” takes issue with the aforementioned Health & Wellness column of last issue. Buff Faye and others felt hurt and shamed by some of the language used in the column. She pulls quotes from the column and then addresses them with her campy tone. I get the concerns and understand why she has addressed them in her column.

This is what the press is for. Newspapers have long been a place for people to share their concerns and opinions, to express their thoughts, to push for change and to educate others. And we welcome that from our regular writers and letters to the editor.

What we will not accept is taking things to a personal level. Attacking individuals, name calling, hate speech, the use of bad language, are all against our policy and will not be allowed in print or on the comments section of our website. Because of that policy the Dishing with Buff Faye column in the upcoming issue was edited just a little bit. Also, a number of posts to our website did not get approved because of these reasons. We have a set of guidelines on our website for our readers to use when making comments on our content. These are just good, sound rules of play for everyone to follow so that things don’t rise to outright confrontations or harassing demeanor when sharing your views.

My hope is that we all understand that no one had ill intentions and that we all have learned that words do hurt.

Oh, and we can all be fabulous or mean and hateful at times. Let’s concentrate on the times we are fabulous.