by Fidel Montoya, Silverfly :: qnotes contributor & Lainey Millen :: qnotes staff

Summer has faded away and fall is now upon us. What better time is it than the present to ready your wardrobe for the colder months ahead? Granted, some of the fashion trends are a bit out there for the average man’s taste, but who said you had to be “average?”Take a look at the basic essentials and trends that we’ve assembled here to be fabulously stylish and totally trendy as you head out for work, dinner, social time with friends, date night and community events, as well as the theatre, movies and concerts.

The experts have noted a few trends:


Yes, a color can be a trend. This fall, mix a healthy amount of tan into your wardrobe. It’s best when worn with rich navies or dark brown.

bootsChelsea Boots

The classic Chelsea boot is back in a big way. It’s a great alternative to lace-up boots and chukkas that have dominated previous seasons. Try tan or black ones with a slight sheen.


For real? Yes, especially chunky and textured, or more fitted layered under a suit.

Plaid and Checks

Try rich fall colors.

Chunky, Textured Knits

Sweaters this fall are trending toward thicker, more textured knits. A honeycomb style over an oxford adds a feeling of casual luxury.

Updated Outerwear

Choosing non-traditional colors in an overcoat is an easy way of updating your look for fall.  Oversized coats will provide a stylish look while maintaining a conservative tone for work.

Now, to expand that super, fresh new look take note of these basic items, fit guide for jeans and one-of-a-kind specialty garments for the most fashion-conscious man.

Key for a Man’s Closet

Call it a basic or call it an essential, polos, T-shirts, jeans, sweaters and pullovers belong to the core of any man’s wardrobe. These are the basic foundations to fashion and can be used for layering, mixing patterns, materials and coolers.

Darwall_Murphy_2One-of-a-Kind Handspun Textiles

So, now that you have the trends and basics covered, why not add a splash of interest to your look? One of these garments will certainly make you a hit and oh-so-amazing looking. Artists like Randall Darwall and Brian Murphy from South Yarmouth, Mass., showcase their wares at art shows and exhibitions. They produce vests, jackets, scarves, shawls and more. Since each is handcrafted, these kind of pieces each have their own color story. Dyed silks and other textiles become art pieces unto themselves. In fact, some of them wind up on display at museums and galleries around the world. And, since no two are alike, you know you’ve got to have one to round out your individual style.

Men’s Denim Fit Guide

denimfitLets keep it simple. There are four basic fits for jeans — skinny, slim straight, straight and loose fits. Within these four you can also find slouchy, boot, athletic and more. One favorite is the slim straight. The cut is slim through the thigh, but comfortable and tapers even more below the knee. This modern cut accentuates your body and shows off your best assets. It shows you have confidence and is perfect for any age. Not too skinny, not too relaxed — just right!

Photos courtesy of Silverfly & Charlotte Contemporary