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Even if you’re not a talker, your facial hair says a lot about who you are without ever having to utter a word.

They say clothes make the man, but where does facial hair come into play? Turns out, there’s a smorgasbord of versatility for gay boys willing to explore – whether you prefer a crisp look, a trimmed stache, or even a full-on Grizzly Adams.

Some gay men go so far as to put their facial hair where their personality isn’t. Now, don’t be that guy, but with options galore, we look at what a chosen style can add to your personal expression. And the good news is that you can wipe the slate clean and say something different next time.


You have a lot of profound confidence but it’s relatively quiet and subtle. Although you appreciate the beautiful imagery of life, you sir, are no peacock. Showing off isn’t your thing.


The goatee screams refinement, yet you struggle with long-term commitment. If presented with making a decision, you will find a way to have the best of both worlds without committing to one or the other permanently. A relationship with you may work for now, but not forever.


Ah, the nostalgic. You long for the glory days. You put all your energy into a few projects but can’t really focus on more than one thing. Dom from “Looking” is your spirit animal.

Scruff (5 O’clock Shadow)

A hardworking man. You vie for success and do what it takes without getting wrapped up in superficiality of appearance. But when all the work is done, you’re not afraid to hit the town, looking fly, ready to party the night away.

Clean Shaven

You like neatness and order. Whether or not you have a chiseled jawline that only a smooth face can accentuate perfectly, take note from the Scruffy boy and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Mountain Man (Long & Scraggly)

A wild child who just don’t give a fuck. Full of energy, you have a taste for all things natural. More inclined toward comfortability, you keep a level head for whatever life throws your way. Keep it hanging loose, man.

Soul Patch

No, just no. This isn’t the ‘90s, and you’re not Apollo Ono or Jackie Chan. Hell, you’re not even JLo’s boy toy Casper Smart. Kiss the soul goodbye.


Preferred by twinks and athletes, you are simply an enigma. People may question your motives, but you don’t care. A man of mystery doesn’t answer to anyone but himself. Unexplainable, you do you and that is all that matters.

Van Dyke

You’re unconventional with a touch of weirdness that is undeniably sexy. A bit of a hipster, you’re a guy who loves a good local craft or checking out the latest indie group at the local watering hole.

Mutton Chops

OK, MC. You’re a man’s man. A downright Jackman Wolverine wannabe. You’re big, you’re bad, you love your bike. It is your world and we are just living in it, baby.

info: This article was originally published in the now-shuttered David Atlanta magazine and is reprinted with permission.

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