RALEIGH, N.C. — As the countdown to Election Day nears, a number of organizations and PACs are continuing to provide endorsements for candidates of their choosing. Previously, the Equality North Carolina Action Fund PAC (ENCAFPAC) released their official round of the organization’s 2020 electoral endorsements for political races across the state of North Carolina. Earlier this year, ENC launched their PAC website, OUT* To Vote, as a complement to their work where the public can view all of ENCAFPAC’s endorsed candidates and stay abreast of news impacting electoral work across the state of North Carolina.

Kendra R. Johnson, executive director, said, “As the COVID-19 crisis continues to expose the massive flaws and cracks within this country’s political and social systems, it is more important than ever that we elect pro-equality candidates who have the most vulnerable North Carolinians’ needs front-of-mind. The road ahead will be tough, to say the least, and North Carolinians deserve leaders committed to building a world where marginalized folks have support and care and don’t have to fear for their survival.”
Other organizations across the U.S. and region — The Victory Fund (VF), Emily’s List (EL), Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Democracy for America (DA), Planned Parenthood Votes! South Atlantic (PPSAT), Replacements, Ltd. PAC (RLPAC) and SC Equality PAC (SCEPAC) — have continued to provide their picks and are included in the endorsees list below.


U.S. Senate

Cal Cunningham, NC (ENCAFPAC, DA, HRC, RLPAC)
Jaime Harrison, SC (DA, HRC)
Jim Clyburn, SC, House Majority Whip (HRC)

U.S. House of Representatives

G.K. Butterfield, NC (1) (HRC)
Deborah Ross, NC (2) (ENCAFPAC, EL, HRC, RLPAC)
David Price, NC (4) (ENCAFPAC, HRC)
David Wilson Brown, NC (5) (ENCAFPAC)
Kathy Manning, NC (6) (ENCAFPAC, EL, HRC, RLPAC)
Pat Timmons-Goodson, NC (8) (ENCAFPAC, EL, HRC)
Cynthia Wallace, NC (9) (ENCAFPAC)
Moe Davis, NC (11) (ENCAFPAC)
Alma Adams, NC (12) (ENCAFPAC, HRC)
Scott Huffman, NC (13) (ENCAFPAC)

Council of State

Governor: Roy Cooper (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT, RLPAC)
Lt. Governor: Yvonne Lewis Holley (ENCAFPAC, DA, PPSAT)
Attorney General: Josh Stein (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT, RLPAC)
Treasurer: Ronnie Chatterji (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT, RLPAC)
Secretary of State: Elaine Marshall (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT, RLPAC)
Schools Superintendent: Jen Mangrum (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT, RLPAC)
Commissioner of Agriculture: Jenna Wadsworth (ENCAFPAC, DA, PPSAT, RLPAC, VF)
Commissioner of Insurance: Wayne Goodwin (ENCAFPAC, RLPAC)
Commissioner of Labor: Jessica Holmes (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)

NC General Assembly

Senate (by district)

Donna Lake (7) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Harper Peterson (9) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT)
Allen Wellons (11) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT)
John Kirkman (12) (ENCAFPAC)
Jay Chaudhuri (15) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT, RLPAC)
Wiley Nickel (16) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Sam Searcy (17) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT)
Sarah Crawford (18) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT, RLPAC)
Kirk deViere (19) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT)
Natalie S. Murdock (20) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Mike Woodard (22) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Valerie Foushee (23) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Helen Probst Mills (25) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Michael Garrett (27) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT, RLPAC)
Gladys Robinson (28) (PPSAT, RLPAC)
Wally White (30) (ENCAFPAC)
Terri LeGrand (31) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT)
Paul Lowe (32) (PPSAT)
Jose Santiago (35) (ENCAFPAC)
Jeff Jackson (37) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Mujtaba Mohammed (38) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
DeAndrea Salvador (39) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT)
Natasha Marcus (41) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
William Young (43) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Jeanne Supin (45) (ENCAFPAC)
David Brian Wheeler (47) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Brian Caskey (48) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Julie Mayfield (49) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT, RLPAC)
Victoria Fox (50) (PPSAT)

House of Representatives (by district)

Emily Nicholson (1) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT)
Cindy DePorter (2) (PPSAT)
Christopher Schulte (4) (ENCAFPAC)
Kandie Smith (8) (PPSAT)
Brian Farkas (9) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT)
Allison Dahle (11) (ENCAFPAC, DA, PPSAT, VF)
Virginia Cox-Dougherty (12) (HRC, PPSAT)
Buck Bayliff (13) (PPSAT)
Marcy Wofford (14) (ENCAFPAC)
Debbi Fintak (16) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Deb Butler (18) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT, VF)
Marcia Morgan (19) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT, RLPAC, VF)
Adam Ericson (20) (PPSAT)
Linda Cooper Suggs (24) (PPSAT)
Vernetta Alston (29) (ENCAFPAC, VF)
Marcia Morey (30) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT, VF)
Zack Hawkins (31) (PPSAT)
Rosa U. Gill (33) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Grier Martin (34) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Terence Everitt (35) (HRC, PPSAT)
Julie von Haefen (36) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT)
Sydney Batch (37) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT)
Abe Jones (38) (ENCAFPAC)
Darren Jackson (39) (PPSAT)
Gale Adcock (41) (ENCAFPAC)
Marvin Lucas (42) (PPSAT)
Kimberly Hardy (43) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT)
Frances Jackson (45) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT)
Cynthia Ball (49) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Graig Meyer (50) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Jason Cain (51) (DA, PPSAT)
Lowell Simon (52) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Sally Weeks Benson (53) (ENCAFPAC)
Robert T. Reives, II (54) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Verla Insko (56) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Ashton Clemmons (57) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT, RLPAC)
Amos Quick, III (58) (RLPAC)
Nicole Quick (59) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT, RLPAC)
Cecil Brockman (60) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT, RLPAC)
Pricey Harrison (61) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT, RLPAC)
Brandon Gray (62) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Ricky Hurtado (63) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT, RLPAC)
Eric Henry (64) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Pamela DeMaria (69) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Evelyn Terry (71) (RLPAC, PPSAT)
Dan Besse (74) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT)
Elizabeth Motsinger (75) (PPSAT)
Al Heggins (76) (ENCAFPAC)
Aimy Steele (82) (ENCAFPAC, DA, HRC, PPSAT, RLPAC)
Gail Young (83) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT)
Mary G. Belk (88) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Greg Cranford (89) (ENCAFPAC)
Terry Brown (92) (ENCAFPAC, DA)
Ray Russell (93) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, RLPAC)
Christy Clark (98) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT)
Nasif Majeed (99) (ENCAFPAC)
John Autry (100) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Carolyn G. Logan (101) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Becky Carney (102) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT, RLPAC)
Rachel Hunt (103) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Brandon Lofton (104) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT)
Wesley Harris (105) (ENCAFPAC, HRC, PPSAT)
Carla Cunningham (106) (PPSAT)
Kelly M. Alexander, Jr. (107) (ENCAFPAC)
Susan Fisher (114) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Brian Turner (116) (ENCAFPAC, PPSAT)
Josh Remillard (117) (ENCAFPAC)


NC Supreme Court Chief Justice: Cheri Beasley (ENCAFPAC, RLPAC)
Associate Justice, NC Supreme Court: Lucy Inman (Seat 2), Mark Davis (Seat 4) (ENCAFPAC, RLPAC)
Court of Appeals: Tricia Shields (Seat 40), Lora Cubbage (Seat 5), Gray Styers (Seat 6), Reuben Young (Seat 7), Chris Brook (Seat 13) (ENCAFPAC, RLPAC)
Forsyth County: District Court — Whit Davis (Seat 8) (ENCAFPAC)
Guilford County: District Court — Caroline Pemberton (Seat 4) (ENCAFPAC, RLPAC), Gavin Reardon (Seat 4) (ENCAFPAC), Marcus Shields (Seat 5) (ENCAFPAC), Bill Davis (Seat 11) (ENCAFPAC), Brian Tomlin (Seat 13) (RLPAC)
Mecklenburg County: District Court — Aretha Blake, Rex Marvel (ENCAFPAC)
Orange & Chatham Counties: Hathaway Pendergrass (Seat 3) (ENCAFPAC)
Wake County: Jim Black (Seat 3) (ENCAFPAC)

NC Local

Alamance County (NC)
County Commission: Bob Byrd (RLPAC), Dreama Caldwell (ENCAFPAC), Kristen Powers (ENCAFPAC, RLPAC, VF)
School Board: John Coleman (ENCAFPAC)

Asheville/Buncombe County (NC)
City Council: Kristen Goldsmith, Kim Roney, Nicole Townsend (ENCAFPAC)
County Commission: Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, Brownie Newman, Parker Sloan, Terri Wells (ENCAFPAC, VF)

Chatham County (NC)
School Board: Melissa Hlavac (ENCAFPAC)

Durham County (NC)
County Commission: Nida Allam, Heidi Carter, Brenda Howerton, Wendy Jacobs (ENCAFPAC)

Forsyth County (NC)
Winston-Salem Council: Annette Scippio ( East Ward), John Larson (South Ward), Kevin Mundy (Southwest Ward) (RLPAC)

Guilford County (NC)
Commissioner: Mary Beth Murphy (4) (ENCAFPAC), Carly Cooke (5) (ENCAFPAC, RLPAC), James Upchurch (6) (ENCAFPAC), Skip Alston (8) (RLPAC)
Board of Education: Blake Odum (3), Deborah Napper (5), Bettye Jenkins (7) (ENCAFPAC); T. Dianne Bellamy-Small (1) (RLPAC)

Johnston County (NC)
County Commission: Wendy Ella May (ENCAFPAC)

Mecklenburg County (NC)
County Commission: Leigh Altman (At-Large) (ENCAFPAC), Pat Cotham (At-Large) (ENCAFPAC), Laura Meier (5) (ENCAFPAC), Susan Rodriguez-McDowell (6) (ENCAFPAC),

New Hanover County (NC)
County Commission: Leslie Cohen (ENCAFPAC)

Orange County (NC)
County Commission: Mark Dorosin, Renee A. Price (ENCAFPAC)
School Board: Carrie Doyle (ENCAFPAC)

Wake County (NC)
County Commission: Matt Calabria, Sig Hutchinson (ENCAFPAC)
Register of Deeds: Tammy Brunner (ENCAFPAC)

Wilkes County (NC)
County Commission: D. Jerome Watkins (ENCAFPAC)

SC Legislature

Senate (by district)

Judith Polson (3) (SCEPAC)
Karl Allen (7) (SCEPAC)
Vicki Holt (15) (SCEPAC)
Ramin Mammadov (16) (SCEPAC)
Mike Fanning (17) (SCEPAC)
Dick Hartpootlian (20) (SCEPAC)
Darrell Jackson (21) (SCEPAC)
Mia McLeod (22) (SCEPAC)
Nikki Setzler (26) (SCEPAC)
Vincent Sheheen (27) (SCEPAC)
Gerald Malloy (29) (SCEPAC)
Kent Williams (30) (SCEPAC)
Ronnie Sabb (32) (SCEPAC)
Thomas McElveen (35) (SCEPAC)
Kevin Johnson (36) (SCEPAC)
Brad Hutto (40) (SCEPAC)
Sam Skardon (41) (SCEPAC)
Marlon Kimpton (42) (SCEPAC)
Richard Hricik (43) (SCEPAC)
Debbie Bryant (44) (SCEPAC)
Margie Bright Matthews (45) (SCEPAC)
Nathan Campbell (46) (SCEPAC)

House of Representatives (by district)

Eunice Lehmacher (3) (SCEPAC)
Andrea Bejarano-Robinson (7) (SCEPAC)
Anne Parks (12) (SCEPAC)
JA Moore (15) (SCEPAC)
Benjamin Smith (18) (SCEPAC)
Jevarus Howard (19) (SCEPAC)
Chandra Dillard (23) (SCEPAC)
Leola Robinson-Simpson (25) (SCEPAC)
Monica Danneman (26) (SCEPAC)
Rosalyn d. Henderson-Myers (31) (SCEPAC)
Helen Pendarvis (35) (SCEPAC)
Annie E. McDaniel (41) (SCEPAC)
Mandy Powers Norrell (44) (SCEPAC)
John R. King (49) (SCEPAC)
Laurie Funderburk (52) (SCEPAC)
Pat Henegan (54) (SCEPAC)
Bruce Fischer (56) (SCEPAC)
Terry Alexander (59) (SCEPAC)
Roger Kirby (61) (SCEPAC)
Robert Williams (62) (SCEPAC)
Isaac Wilson (64) (SCEPAC)
Kimberly Johnson (64) (SCEPAC)
Gilda Cobb-Hunter (66) (SCEPAC)
Wendy C. Brawley (70) (SCEPAC)
Seth Rose (72) (SCEPAC)
Chris Hart (73) (SCEPAC)
Todd Rutherford (74) (SCEPAC)
Rhodes Bailey (75) (SCEPAC)
Kambrell Garvin (77) (SCEPAC)
Beth Bernstein (78) (SCEPAC)
Ivory Thigpen (79) (SCEPAC)
Jermaine Johnson (80) (SCEPAC)
William “Bill” Clyburn (82) (SCEPAC)
Justin Bamberg (90) (SCEPAC)
Patricia Cannon (94) (SCEPAC)
Jerry Govan (95) (SCEPAC)
Ronee DeCanio (97) (SCEPAC)
Jen Gibson (99) (SCEPAC)
Wendell Gilliard (111) (SCEPAC)
Daniel Brownstein (112) (SCEPAC)
Marvin Pendarvis (113) (SCEPAC)
Krystal Matthews (117) (SCEPAC)
Mitchell Siegel (118) (SCEPAC)
Leon Stavrinakis (119) (SCEPAC)
Christine deVries (123) (SCEPAC)
Barb Nash (124) (SCEPAC)

SC Local

Charleston County (SC)
Sheriff: Kristin Graziano (SCEPAC, VF)

For more information and candidate profiles, visit equalityncpac.org, hrc.org, emilyslist.org, democracyforamerica.com, ppsat.org, replacementsltdpac.org, equalmeanseveryone.org/get-political/2020-voter-guide/ and victoryfund.org.

Lainey Millen

Lainey Millen was formerly QNotes' associate editor, special assignments writer, N.C. and U.S./World News Notes columnist and production director from 2001-2019 when she retired.