ENC sets year-end goal

RALEIGH — Equality North Carolina (ENC) which had set a year-end goal of $8,000, need help. They are only a quarter of the way there. In order to secure legislative and campaign initiatives, the monies are necessary.

To make a contribution, visit equalitync.org.

Tar Heel named finalist in play contest

CHICAGO — Thomas S. Watson was named this month as a finalist in the Great Gay Play Contest, sponsored by Pride Films and Plays.

He was one of five selected and his play, along with the others, will be staged at a festival on March 3-6, 2011, at Center on Halsted’s Hoover-Leppen Theatre, 3656 N. Halsted St.

His play, “The Times,” involved the reunion of Noah with Christian, his college sweetheart, after a 10-year hiatus. Unexpected twists and comedy follows. Final judging will determine the winner.

Watson, a N.C. native who received his bachelors degree from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in Dramatic Art and Speech Communication, has toured nationally as an actor, singer and dancer. This is his debut as a professional playwright. He now resides in Key West, Fla.

Lainey Millen was formerly QNotes' associate editor, special assignments writer, N.C. and U.S./World News Notes columnist and production director from 2001-2019 when she retired.