Pride Charlotte 2008 is pleased to present this year’s emcees!

Riley, a.k.a The Westcoast Kid, moved to North Carolina in 2005 bringing with her the love of community and the mastery of gender variance. Riley volunteers on the Pride Charlotte Task Force and sits on the board of directors at the Metropolitan Community Church of Charlotte. In addition to her numerous gender-bending performances around the state, Riley is also the production director for Stone Essence, a local LGBT event production company.

Roxy C. Moorecox was created in the unbalanced brain of Clay Smith. In 2001 Clay was exposed to the world of Camp Drag when a friend of his took him to see The Armorettes — “The Infamous Camp Drag Queens of the South” — at Backstreets in Atlanta, Ga. He realized that drag didn’t have to be all about silicone implants and realistic female illusion. Drag, in turn, could just be fun!

Combining laughter and fundraising, the Armorettes rubbed off on an impressionable young college student and thus Roxy C. Moorecox was born. It wasn’t long before Roxy was competing in talent shows and learning the art of drag from watching great entertainers like Mr. Charlie Brown corral an drunken audience of gays and straights, uniting the two through laughter.

Roxy currently performs at various venues in Charlotte. Recently, she’s hosted “Hollywood Squares” at the Charlotte Eagle. Learn more about Roxy C. Moorecox at her website: