halloween movies coverHalloween is upon us. The full moon is out and so are all the ghosts and ghouls (aka drag queens). This time of year is like Christmas for drag queens. To help spread the holiday fright and fun, I wanted to share some of my all-time Halloween favorite movies and fantasy films from a drag queen’s perspective. Pull them up on Hulu, YouTube or Netflix. Each of these picks will surely get you in the mood for a trick or treat!


1. ‘Hocus Pocus’ (Movie, 1993)

The ultimate in drag queen Halloween movies, “Hocus Pocus” boasts the fav song, “I put a spell on you” and basically the movie plot is a typical Saturday night for many drag queens (cough — Tia, Angela, Bella). The movie opens with three witches brought back to life who in one night have to suck the life out of a virgin in order to not turn to dust and stay forever young. I think that’s right — that’s what I remember. It involves a black cat for the lesbians, which is nice. Plus, it has “The Divine Miss M” Bette Midler.

2. ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ (1966, TV Special)

This movie has it all. A big-headed little boy, a sassy girl, a Red Baron spotted dog and (spoiler alert) a “Great Pumpkin” that never shows up. It’s kind of a pointless cartoon, but for many it’s just another hopeless night on Grindr or another social media app. Every year I watch this cartoon hoping the Great Pumpkin will show up. It reminds me that you can believe in almost anything, even a huge pumpkin on a sled.

3. ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ (Movie, 1984)

I am told to haunt dreams myself, so this thriller is just my style. The story of a creepy man named Freddy who comes to us in our sleep and haunts our nightmares, killing our friends. It’s the perfect backdrop for any drag queen on Halloween. Plus, he has shiny blades for hands and a sharp fedora hat. For scary movies, you really can’t go wrong with director Wes Craven. The only problem with this movie is who wears horizontal stripes — not flattering, dead or alive.

4. ‘Scream’ (Movie, 1996)

Ring. Ring. “What’s your favorite scary movie?” Wrong. Someone dies. A plethora of dumb jocks and blondes with big boobs answer their phones in this movie. Then at one point or another, they each get stabbed by a character in a black robe-like dress with a stretched out white face. This movie is an inspiration for those ladies who have had a lot of work done. And, it’s a thriller. Makes you think twice before picking up your phone and talking to a complete stranger. Call me maybe?!

5. ‘A Nightmare before Christmas’ (Movie, 1993)

Love this animated Tim Burton classic! The story of the Pumpkin King skeleton Jack becoming tired of the same old drag show (aka Halloween) and, instead, wants to take over Christmas Town. Jack finds Christmas to be so much fun, but, yet, he doesn’t fully understand what it’s all about. In the end, the Oogie Oogie Boogie Man kidnaps Santa Claus and Jack ends up saving the day and re-discovering his real love for Halloween — and for his new love Sally. Big shout out to the song “This is Halloween.”

6. ‘Beetlejuice’ (Movie, 1988)

Long before there was Robin Thicke singing “Blurred Lines” twerking with Miley Cyrus in a black-and-white striped pant suit, there was another freaky man named Beetlejuice. If you said his name three times, he would appear. This is also true of many drag queens if you say their name three times, they will somehow end up in the bar. Nadia Rain, Nadia Rain, Nadia…  I love the show “Beetlejuice” in all its wackiness and whimsy.

7. ‘Carrie’ (Movie, 1976)

Seriously, who doesn’t want telekinetic powers! This horror-ific tale is what every drag queen desires: a sexy prom date and to be crowned queen. Then, of course, some bitter Taylor Swift wannabe has to go and ruin it, dropping a bucket of pigs blood on her head. Bloodied from head to toe and fierce, Carrie lights the prom on fire, throws furniture, wrecks cars. This place is about to blow. One of my all-time favorite movies reminds us what happens when someone crosses a newly-crowned queen.

8. ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ (Movie, 1975)

This list would not be complete without Dr. Frank N. Furter and this cult classic, musical comedy horror film. Thousands worship this rompy sing-a-long about “a sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania.” Dress up as your favorite character, bring your toast, newspaper, squirt guns and find the nearest theater showing at midnight on Halloween. All virgins beware!

DRAG TIP: Enjoy these favorite Halloween movies and be careful if you dress as a drag queen for Halloween this year. You just might love it and want to do it more often!

Photo Credit: Tyvola Design, Tommy Feldman
Photo Credit: Tyvola Design, Tommy Feldman


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