Did you know that a disorganized household can cost your family money?

From failing to make necessary repairs before it’s too late, to mismanaging the household budget, there can be a high price to disorganization. Don’t accrue unnecessary expenses that could be avoided by simply streamlining your household.

Colored bottles can help you indentify different items throughout your household. Photo Credit: Dana Rothstein

“The key to running a happy home is having a system to keep everything neat and orderly,” says Elizabeth Dodson, co-founder of HomeZada, a revolutionary home organization online software application.

There’s no better time than Spring to do some house cleaning and get your home life in order. Here are some tips to get you started:


Each year, 15,600 dryer fires occur, resulting in property damage exceeding $75 million. And, the leading cause is lack of maintenance. Preserve the overall value of your largest asset, your home, with regular maintenance of your house and appliances.

An online program can secure documentation and help you keep details straight, such as when you last tested your smoke detectors or replaced your air filters.


In this digital day and age, make paper tracking of your families’ schedule and to-do lists a thing of the past. By going digital, it will be harder to make costly mistakes like missed appointments and overdue bills.

Online organizational tools are replacing the chore wheel, the calendar and the message board, consolidating all this information in one place. Opt for a safe and secure service that sends alerts and reminders to users about what tasks needs to get done. For example, HomeZada makes it easy for a family to create a plan, assign chores and get on the same page.

Plan Ahead

Nobody likes to think about challenges like burglaries, fires and floods. But, these things can and do happen, so it’s best to be prepared for anything. Unfortunately, most people have incomplete records about their home and possessions and often, this information is scattered in multiple boxes, filing cabinets, drawers and spreadsheets.

An online tracking tool can help you maximize your insurance benefits in the event of emergency, by storing the important details of your possessions in one place. Look for a service that even will let you track upcoming warranty expiration dates, sending you reminders to your phone or email. More tips on what to look for in an online home management tool can be found at homezada.com.

When it comes to running an organized household, there are a lot of moving parts. But. by getting them together today, you can save your family money and headaches tomorrow. : :