Rotating favorite photographs and artwork is an easy way to transform a room.

Every living space needs a change from time to time — but redecorating your home from scratch can cost you a lot of time and money. Luckily, there are headache-free, cost-effective ways to completely revamp your rooms.

Make interior design a cinch with these simple tips:


If you’re feeling cramped, but you’re not in the market for new furniture, you can rearrange what you currently have to create more space or give the room a whole new feel. Moving larger furniture against the walls will open up the central floor space. Be sure to give ample space between furniture for foot traffic, especially if you have pets or children.

Do an honest appraisal of your knick knacks and adornments. Less can be more when it comes to these items. Consider getting rid of some of the clutter for a sleeker look that will require a lot less dusting.

A well-placed mirror is a quick way to make the room feel twice as big.

Change your mind

If you hate commitment, consider periodically rotating your artwork between several favorite pieces. You can transform the entire feel of the room simply by changing what is on your walls. Consider doing so on a seasonal thematic basis, whenever your kids [or anyone else] come home with a new creation or simply when the mood strikes.

Make this process easy on yourself and opt for a frame that comes ready to hang. For example, Lakeside Easy Change Artwork Frames, has sawtooth hangers on the back, and include a compartment to store about 50 pictures behind the one on display. More information can be found

Go bold

Give your space a splash of color and pizzazz by painting an accent wall or the molding with a funky or decadent color. It will be easy to opt for a bolder color if you are not painting every inch of your room.

The walls are not the only surface that deserves a color treatment. You can add color to the floor with a beautiful area rug. And, don’t forget how far a few throw pillows can go to add texture and color to a drab couch.

Liven it up

A couple of house plants will lend any drab room a sense of vitality. Choose a sunlit corner for your plants. Low maintenance plants that can thrive even under the care of the most irresponsible plant owners include African Violets, Jade and spider plants.

You don’t need to break the bank, or your back for that matter, when giving your home’s interiors a facelift. Quick, easy changes can make a big impact. : :