Hello fans and freaks, welcome back to the column where a crown (or a good show) is as good as gold!

I’m so excited to be writing this particular Rag as we’ll be talking about a good friend of mine who has recently realized a dream and become your new Miss Gay America. I’m talking about my baby, Alyssa Edwards, of course. I talked to that sister the day following the crowning. She was still in disbelief (but, the crown was on the dresser, so it did happen, gal!) Alyssa became the first national titleholder from another system to win Miss America second. I’m gonna let you think about that one for a minute, but yes, the win was historic in that respect. Her runners-up included Coco Montrese, Jessica Jade, Sally Sparkles and the big and beautiful (and painted for the cheap seats) Kristina Kelly. Other finalists included China Collins, Monica Mohr, Tajma Stetson, Symphony Alexander Love and Miss Mid-East Tatiyana Voché.

In other national news, I do hope I mentioned in the last Rag that the gang at Scorpio has purchased a regional prelim to Miss Gay U.S.ofA. to be held the evening before my birthday (Thursday, Dec. 17). Please, come out and join me as I welcome our reigning national goddess, Stasha Sanchez of Atlanta, as she graces the stage that many of her predecessors have in the past. Recent qualifiers to the Memorial Day duke-it-out include the new Miss Great Plains Anjila Cavalier and Miss Wisconsin Jackie Roberts. I believe on that same night, Christina Chase won Miss Wisconsin Classic and her RU was Mabel Kane.

Brooke Divine, our Miss NC U.S.ofA., has been burning the road up to her prelims and other bookings, including Miss Buncombe County at Club Hairspray in Asheville, which Ashley Michaels promotes. Vivica Dupree won this one and her RU was Briana Love Michaels. My little sis, Brandonna Dupree, held her prelim to Miss NC — Miss Queen City — at Hairspray which Tyra Couture won and her RU was Eureka O’Hara from Johnson City, TN. Imagine the fun I had recently when I went to do dinner with Brooke and Brandonna, then tagged along as they had their nails done. The ladies early-gifted me that evening with a long dress and purse to match as we make our plans to terrorize the straight Latino clubs on the evening of my birthday. Someone call Disco Rodeo or Club Kalipzo and tell them to beware of the biggun’ in the zebra print! LOL!

They’ve had so many contests recently at Warehouse 29 in Greensboro, like Miss and Mr. Warehouse, which Shirli Stevenz and Amari Knight Addams won. Their RUs were Arione DeCardeza and Taylor Knight Addams, respectively. Also, let’s not forget the 15th annual Miss Warehouse Witch contest, which Macaria Rage won with RU Envee. I know a lot of their formers usually come out to support this creative spin on pageantry. I wonder if “The Oyl” was in the house? The Warehouse was also just host for the newest state-level contest called the Queen of Clubs. That gorgeous Diamond served as the Emeritus and relinquished the crown. The winner was Versage (Diamond’s NC U.S.ofA. sister) and her RUs were Big Shirli and Crystal Froste. There were a total of eight contestants that night.

Elsewhere on the local scene, Amaya recently won Miss Carolina Southern Elegance at Large (which Cierra Nichole gave up). Her RUs were Dy’mond Cartier and Jazmun Tomas. Cierra had also just given up Miss Hickory Unlimited and crowned Ashley Michaels. Her RU was Brandi Andrews.

Finally, after losing my notes and rounding up the results again, hats off to Starla DaVinci who recently won Miss Hide-A-Way in Rock Hill. Her RUs were Jessica Reins Starr and Tracey Stephens. Speaking of the Hide-A-Way, they have a new sister bar in Fort Mill now called the Rainbow In. My sis Carmendy Sinclair worked there not too long ago and tells me it is adorable. Carmendy keeps reminding me I need to get out to Petra’s to see Roxy’s early Sunday evening show as well. Sorry I missed your most recent appearance there, girlfriend!

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