Miss Gay America

Founded: 1972; Nashville, Tenn.
Owner: Mad Angel Entertainment; Frederick, Md.
Titleholder: Suzy Wong
Requirements: Body augmentation below the neck is prohibited, as is the use of female hormones.
Competition Categories: Talent; Male Interview (contestants are interviewed in male attire, outside of their drag persona); On-Stage Question (in drag persona); Evening Wear; Pageant Presentation (costume in keeping with a theme designated each year by the reigning Miss Gay America)
Affiliated Pageants:
Mr. Gay America — founded 1983 as Mr. Gay All-American, which ceased operation in 2009 before being revived in 2017 as Mr. Gay America; current titleholder, Kyle Ean

Miss Gay USofA

Founded: 1979 as Miss Gay USA; reconstituted under new ownership 1985; Miss Gay USofA title adopted 1995
Owner: USofA Pageants LLC; Dallas, Texas
Titleholder: Roxie Hart
Requirements: Contestants must be “biological males” at least 21 years old by the date of the national pageant and able to provide state-issued identification.
Affiliated Pageants:
Miss Gay USofA at Large — founded 1989; contestants must meet same requirements as for primary competition as well as weigh at least 200 pounds; current titleholder, Sasha Lauren
Miss Gay USofA Classic — founded 2003; contestants 40 years of age or older; current titleholder, Dominique Sanchez
Miss Gay USofA Newcomer — founded 2010; contestants must not have won any state or regional title or been a finalist in any major national pageant, and may not have appeared on any drag-based reality TV show; current titleholder, Vanity St James
Mr. Gay USofA – founded 2009; current titleholder, Desi Andrews
Mr Gay USofA At Large — founded 2009; current titleholder, Dakota Whitney
Mr. USofA MI — founded 2008; contestants are “biological females” at least 21 years old who compete as males; current titleholder, Eddie Broadway
Mr. USofA MI Classic — founded 2012; contestants 33 years of age or older; current titleholder, Ivory Onyx
Miss USofA Diva — founded 2014; contestants are “biological females” 21 years old or older who compete in femme persona; current titleholder, Seduction Dickerson

Miss Continental

Founded: 1980; Chicago, Ill.
Owner: JF Enterprises, Inc.; Chicago, Ill.
Titleholder: Jazelle Barbie Royale
Requirements: Miss Continental is considered the principal national pageant open to transgender as well as cisgender performers. Unlike many other major drag pageantry organizations, Miss Continental does not demand that contestants live as males outside of competition.
Affiliated Pageants:
Miss Continental Plus — founded 1991; plus-size contestants; current titleholder, Keke Velasquez-Lord
Miss Continental Elite — founded 2004; contestants age 40 years old or older; current titleholder, Fontasia L’Amour
Mr. Continental — founded 2004; male entertainers; current titleholder, Antwaun Steele

Entertainer of the Year

Founded: 1991; Louisville, Ky.
Owner: The SLS Pride Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting causes including the arts and education; Louisville, Ky.
Titleholder: Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington
Competition Categories: Presentation (introduction in which contestants are judged on appearance, stage presence and communication); Creative Evening Wear; On-Stage Question; Talent; Creative Swimwear (applicable to Femme and Mr. EOY contests only)
Affiliated Pageants:
Mr. Entertainer of the Year — founded 2002; contestants are male entertainers; current titleholder, Rolly Villaverde
King Entertainer of the Year — founded 2011; contestants are male impersonators; current titleholder, Preston Dickerson
Entertainer of the Year Femme — founded 2015; contestants are female entertainers; current titleholder, Bella Nicole Harlow

All American Goddess

Founded: 2006
Owner: All American Goddess Pageantry
Titleholder: Antwanette Roberts
Requirements: Contestants “must have been born male” but are not limited in gender expression outside of competition and may have undergone sex reassignment surgery and/or hormone therapy. All competitors must be at least 20 years plus one day old at the time of the pageant.
Competition Categories: Personal Interview; Creative Costume; Evening Gown; Talent; On-Stage Question (finalists only)
Affiliated Pageants:
All American Goddess at Large — founded 2008; contestants must weigh at least 210 pounds; current titleholder, Alexis Nicole Whitney
All American Gent – founded 2012; male entertainers; current titleholder, Cielo Whitney