Have you been encountering challenging times lately? Have you looked at your current circumstances and wondered why misfortune seems to be a ringtone? You may be surprised to hear that it’s being done on purpose. Everything that occurs in our lives is part of a greater design, a bigger blueprint. God is at the worktable, crafting our destiny and using the very lives we live to add in color, depth and character. Aren’t these some of the very qualities that make other things we love appear so wonderful and beautiful?

A life of purpose and abundance must have its process. With any building journey, things will sometimes crash and crumble and look horrible in their early stages. Many times, our lives must be torn down and rebuilt, so that God can use only that which is beneficial or necessary. We should appreciate our rain, our storms and our ruins, because we know they won’t remain as such for long.

Take a look at your life and the world surrounding it. What does it look like? Can you honestly say that it won’t get better or won’t work out? Remember that God’s method of construction won’t look anything like ours. The best we can do is to let God work and get excited for what’s to come. Know that because of who you are and where you are going, things will surface and occur to show you how great God is and how strong you really are. They won’t destroy you, but bring the best out of you.

Start smiling when things get rough. Laugh out loud and do a dance. The things you’re seeing are not strange, but necessary for your arrival at the next level of favor. Tough times means you’re growing and getting closer to the life you’ve always wanted. It means God hears you and is intentional about your happiness. Be intentional about thanking him for it in advance.

Isai Efuru

Isai Efuru is a native of Newark, N.J., and hails from a legacy of singers, ministers and musicians. She published and performed poetry while a student at Rutgers University, and continued to write poetry...