So, how do you stay positive in a world of negativity? That is hard indeed. It is seemingly all around us. We see negativity in the political arena with Hillary versus Trump. We see it in the divisive acts of intolerance and discrimination within and outside our own LGBTQ communities. It is negative and downright hateful.

This past July I was crowned with the national title of Miss Don’t H8 Diva. It meant a lot to me to win this title as I truly believe in the message and purpose. And I believe that positivity is important in our lives. None of us are perfect. But we can either choose to be aware of our actions and be more positive, or ignore it all together and give into those haters.

So how do we change all that? What can you do to bring forward positivity to your life?

For those who want to be part of a positive change and fuel positivity, here are actions you can take as drag queens to be more positive. Remember, you control how you feel and how you choose to react to negativity.

Throw Glitter not Shade! Now this one is seemingly hard for drag queens because it’s so much a part of our culture to tease and joke about a busted queen. And we laugh. But try instead of casting shade, to extend a hand or give a compliment once in a while. We forget what it’s like to feel like we are not good enough and instead we project onto others. Let’s lift each other up! And who doesn’t like glitter?

I bet you think this song is about you, Don’t you? Don’t you? No matter what you say or do, it seems that somebody will have a problem. Or worse yet, you could be talking about something unrelated and that person will think it’s all about them. Drama only follows you if you let it. So, don’t let it. Castaway the haters and instead celebrate those who love you.

Drag Queen in the Mirror. Understand who you are and what makes you happy. Don’t get caught up in what others think or how many likes or comments you get on Facebook. You don’t need validation from anyone but yourself.

The Circle of Love. Surround yourself with people who love you and except you for who you are. It is true. You must love yourself before you can show love to anyone else. But if you let the haters inside your head, you will always doubt that self-love.

Passion Forward. Set goals for yourself to achieve and push you forward. Don’t be afraid to think big. Consider all the things you can do with your life, and don’t let anything get in your way. If you’re confronted with negative people and rough times, focus on your passion. You can get through those difficult moments and achieve your dreams. Never look back on all your haters. Leave them in the past.

The World is Big. Realize that you can only be responsible for yourself and you can’t control the actions of others. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care. But don’t get worried or brought down because of other people’s attitudes and feelings. You are your own person and that should be your priority as far as being positive and having an uplifting outlook on life.

Random Acts of Kindness. Be kind and treat people with respect and that will go a long way. Do nice things, but also don’t expect them in return. Sometimes when we give freely, the payback is the act of kindness itself. If you are kind and expect something in return, the power from the positive selfless act will be lost. Show love and care for others.

Now take a moment and think about these things. You can change someone’s life in a moment just by being positive. There are so many people we interact with as drag queens who depend on us for laughter, love and hope. We can choose positivity. Our smile or kindness can get them through a life circumstance that they might be struggling with personally.

Drag queens have the power to be positive on stage, as well as in person. It can be hard to do. But don’t give into the haters. Rise above it. Rise.

Drag Tip: Instead of Spilling the T, go ahead, give some Sweet T and love to your fellow queens. Do it now on Facebook!

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— Buff Faye calls the Queen City her home  and performs to throw glitter (and to raise money for charities). Find her at your favorite bars and hot spots. Plus don’t forget her weekly Saturday night show with Patti O’Furniture, monthly Sunday drag brunch and regular Friday night party bus. Learn more at Follow on Twitter @BuffFaye

Buff Faye

Buff Faye calls the Queen City her home and performs to help save the world from Republicans (and raise money for charities). Find her at your favorite bars and hot spots. Plus don’t forget her monthly...