Brian "B-Daht" McLaughlin, in a photo posted on his personal website.
Brian “B-Daht” McLaughlin, in a photo posted on his personal website.

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Brian “B-Daht” McLaughlin, a popular Greensboro, N.C., DJ for and cast member for season 6 of MTV2’s and Nick Cannon’s “Wild N Out” improv comedy show has deleted several messages on Twitter publicly attacking a gay Winston-Salem State University.

The deletions came sometime after qnotes‘ original report today, and a resulting report from The Winston-Salem Journal, documenting his online harassment of the student, who is running for Mister Winston-Salem State University. Some other anti-gay tweets, including at least one regarding the WSSU student and others mocking an LGBT church, were still published at the time of this post.

But, you see, the thing is this: the internet doesn’t forget your hate. How? Because, I saved screenshots, that’s why.

Lesson for B-Daht: revisionist history is much harder in the 21st century.

Also worth noting:

(1) McLaughlin at some point changed his Twitter name to “Teflon Daht,” assumingly a reference to the old cliche that “nothing sticks” to a person who is “like teflon”

(2) Neither WJMH-FM 102 JAMZ nor MTV had yet to respond to requests for comment by Tuesday evening.

And, now, for posterity, a record of B-Daht’s harassment…



Matt Comer

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