After enduring an unusually long and snowy winter, my heart has never been so eager for the fresh warmth and sunshine of spring. If you too find yourself daydreaming of finer weather and renewed energy, then what better way to fight off these last dreary days of clouds and drizzle than by bringing all the crisp new colors and styles of spring into your home? Hold on tight for a crash course in all the new décor trends this season has to offer.



The artistic folks at Benjamin Moore Paint Company have formulated five basic combinations to inspire your color palate in your spring decorative endeavors.

“First Signs of Spring” includes cooler greys and a hint of warmth with the muted sand color to create the feeling of a late costal winter. The quieter shades hold a comfortable tension with the earthy tan, resulting in a neutrality that would work wonderfully in a bedroom or living room with a highlight of natural sun, reflecting a pleasant soft light.
calm (OC-22), castleton mist (HC-1), horizon gray (2141-50)

“Spring in Full Swing” plays on the deeply saturated colors of an early rainy spring. With moss green, full grey, and a dark misty blue, this color combination captures all the drenched richness of color that surrounds us, creating an earthy, nurturing vibe.
agave (AF-420), eternity (AF-695), solitude (AF-545)

“Spring Twist” brings a feel of soft citrusy zing to the eyes, combining a pale pink with delicious raspberry and soft tangerine orange. It’s zest and playful appeal make this color set a lively choice, bringing a bright yet sweet appeal.
ivory tower (2157-70), coral essence (2007-40), beeswax (2157-40)

“Springtime in Paris” is a chic blend of pink pearl, purplish grey and rich icy blue, and it offers a sophisticated yet sensitive combination. Airy colors give a light, wispy feel with the whole blend being anchored fittingly with the smoky grey.
calm (OC-22), castleton mist (HC-1), horizon gray (2141-50)

“Sail Into Spring” blends an ultra-pale pinkish orange with cool lavender and charcoal grey to produce a tart, fresh visual experience. Inspired by a sea breeze feel, this pattern encompasses the pleasant combination of warmth and cool so characteristic of sea-side springtime.
calm (OC-22), castleton mist (HC-1), horizon gray (2141-50)



The textures of the season are complimentary to the naturalness of the color trends, playing on bold consistencies found in the plant and animal world. Furs and wood finishes can bring the farmland feel into your home, giving off a basic yet detailed style. Layered pillows and textured paintings recreate the beauty of flowers and the full feeling of being surrounded by the softness of natural plant life.

The quieter color schemes allow for a lot of fun with the textures, so don’t be afraid to mix and match. Pair up a fur rug with a layered or beaded pillow to create dimension and an understated complexity.



Finally, staple your killer seasonal savvy with the fresh styles of furniture and accessories. Glass tables and chairs are wonderful for maintaining clear lines and creating a modern feel without distracting from the decoration in the rest of the room. Curvy lines on pillows and curtains can add a bold personality to any room, especially when featured in a room with otherwise boxy or straight lines. Finally, functionality is both crucial and stylish — floating shelves and strategic storage are definitely in this season.


Leah Cagle

Leah Cagle is QNotes' former associate editor for arts and entertainment. You can reach editor Matt Comer via or