Hey Trinity,
I’ve been dating a couple of people off and on for the last few months. I’m waiting for one to work out. Dating like this has always worked for me, but some of my friends think I’m dishonest. Do you think so?
Multidating Doubts, Portland, Maine

Hey Multidating Doubts,
With powerdating (dating many people at once) you’ll never feel like a loser or that you’re losing the game of dating, you’ll also have better odds of winning! Even though it often does put people into precarious situations, the alternative of spending months with one person only to find out that you’re not compatible can make you even crazier. Finding the right mate means dating long and hard, climbing many mountains and slopping many valleys (violin please). So, honey, stick to your powerdating guns. As Kahlil Gibran once wrote, “Before love finds you, you must be sifted, kneaded, grinded, and threshed.” Sounds like fun to me!

Hello Trinity,
I truly believe that one has to wait for love, not just jump into anyone’s bed. However, it’s now been a few years since I’ve dated and I’m beginning to think something is wrong with me. Is being old fashioned too old fashioned?
Willing To Wait, Raleigh, N.C.

Hello Willing To Wait,
It’s smart to wait for that special someone and even smarter to not settle for less than you truly deserve, but while the months and years fade, don’t just sit there listening to old love songs waiting for a soulmate to walk onto your front porch. Pumpkin, the smartest way to wait is to keep dating, socializing and staying active about your love life! In other words, live! (I sure can show you how I do it while sitting on the veranda in my little ole cartoon.)

Dearest Trinity,
Love knows no rationality and neither do I for deciding to date a guy whose profession is “escorting.” We deeply love each other and are great together, but once in a while it hurts. Am I a fool?
Escort Love, NYC, N.Y.

Dearest Escort Love,
Yes, dating an escort is foolish. Yes, dating a doctor, lawyer or rabbi would be much more practical. And, yes, knowing that you’re dating someone who’s not for hire makes life a hell of a lot nicer. But, darling, for some great, grand, glorious reason you obviously need to have this experience. So, if you want this to work — and it can work — then stay mentally healthy about his career choices and take it one dollar, I mean, one day at a time.

Hello Trinity,
One of my housemates is very aggressive about their attraction for me. I’m completely uninterested, yet I cannot convince anyone of that.
Uninterested, Madison, Wisc.

Hello Uninterested,
When someone can’t stop picking you up then, sweetie, try picking up:

Trinity’s Pushy Tips For Getting Someone Uninterested In You
1. Tell her about your uncontrollable bouts of depression, A.D.D and bi-polar disorder.
2. Tell him that you’re soon to be moving across country to be with your lover.
3. Tell her to just accept that you refuse to use deodorants or bathe yourself.
4. Just be your twisted, delusional, frantic, frustrated, dysfunctional, neurotic self.
5. Tell him that you’re in rehab for pedophilia, drugs, alcohol, sex and child abuse.
6. Remind her that you’re running from the law or from your very psychotic ex-convict, Hells Angels girlfriend.
7. Tell him that you are a writer/singer/minister/female impersonator. No, forget it that never worked for me.
8. Just talk about your deep, uncontrollable religious devotion for anything and everything demonic.
9. Be the most self-centered, self-absorbed and selfish person she has ever met.
10. Lastly, let him know how much you are in love with him, can’t live without him and need to move in right away. (I hear a car speeding away!)

— With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinity was host of “Spiritually Speaking,” a weekly radio drama, and now performs globally.
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