Curt Walton

By Steve Harrison
Originally published at The Charlotte Observer: Monday, Nov. 12, 2012

Curt Walton

The Charlotte City Council would select a new city manager by early March, under a proposed timeline to be considered by the council on Monday night.

City Manager Curt Walton is retiring in December, and council members have been debating how and when to replace him.

To help with recruiting, they will consider Monday hiring the search firm The Waters Consulting Group for $23,000 and up to $5,000 in expenses. Council members are also set to vote on a timeline for the hire, which would close the application process Jan. 18. After that, the search firm would make a recommendation of finalists to council on Jan. 28.

The new manager would be announced March 6.

The city will have an interim manager for nearly three months. There is near consensus on the council that the interim manager won’t be a candidate for the job, but council members will take a formal vote on that provision Monday.

Walton, who became manager in 2007, announced this fall that he’s retiring from the city after five years in the top job.

Mayor Anthony Foxx and some council members have said they want a national search for the new manager. Both Walton and his predecessor, Pam Syfert, were hired from within the city.

Walton was instrumental in adding employment protections for gay workers to the city’s human resources policies and pushed for adoption of domestic partner benefits in this year’s budgeting process.

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