In April, Light+Building 2010, the world’s largest architecture and technology fair, will descend on Frankfurt Am Main, Germany. They’ll showcase their trends for home design in 2010/2011. The four strong themes below, presented at the fair in each of their own lifestyle settings, give a glimpse into decor possibilities for wholesalers and retailers, architects and interior designers. But, don’t let the professionals have all the fun. Maybe you’ve got an eye for design. If so, grab some inspiration from these color trends:

Gentle Ease

Gentle Ease stands for an unpretentious, self-confident style with subtle contrasts in materials and a light, easy-going and natural approach to styling. Designs are clear and reductionist, with a predominance of natural materials, and are enlivened by delicate minimalistic patterns that draw their inspiration from nature. Cool clarity, subtle natural allusion and an impressive simplicity have become the keynotes of this style. Design that is sensitive to every-day needs, beguilingly simple ideas and unconvential use of materials are the hallmarks of Gentle Ease. Wood, with an elegant, clear finish, has a central role to play. There is also a less distinct, misty, diffuse, wintery light that provides a dialogue with the cool clarity of this scenario, a filtered light with a softening effect.

Contemporary Classic

In Contemporary Classic, nostalgic reminiscences of design classics and a timeless aesthetic meet a contemporary feel and modern clarity. The trend combines quality and tradition: this means the use of high-quality materials, top-quality, perfect workmanship with unostentatious, timeless design and understated luxury. Modern classicism as reflected in the Contemporary Classic setting at Light+Building involves warm, sensual mood lighting, which brings out the full beauty of the fine materials used, with top-quality hardwoods, varnishes, marble, leather, metallic touches in gold, bronze and nickel as well as stone effects and generally interesting surfaces.

Creative Verve

Creative Verve is an open, spontaneous style which loves experimentation and improvisation, provides a touch of individuality, and uses retro features as a light-hearted counter-balance for the high-tech influences. This trend combines unconventional and original lighting designs in an uncomplicated, youthful concept for interiors. Creative ideas, “shabby chic,” hand-made features, hints of traditional folk art and vintage styles make for a wide spectrum of styles and offer a multitude of possibilities for individual interpretations of spaces.

Advanced Purism

Futuristic design approaches and progressive use of materials are the hallmarks of Advanced Purism. The style unites iridescence and incorporeality, coolness and metallic effects, as well as a shiny, futuristic purism. The designs often seem to echo models in biology and the cosmos. In spite of their ultramodern aesthetic and their purist, high-tech character, they appear extremely poetic and sensitive. In this lifestyle setting at the leading international fair, visitors enjoy objects and designs with fluid shapes, experience a virtual aesthetic in an unusual stylistic context which has an architectural, organic, functional effect that does not, however, lack sensitivity. Polygons, lattice structures and geometrical shapes are equally acceptable here, as are iridescent reflections and the superimposition of foils and optical kinesis. Chrome, silver, aluminum, polished or ultrafine ceramic surfaces are key features of the style. : :

— Compiled by qnotes staff, courtesy Light+Building 2010.

This article was published in the March 6—March 19 print edition.