Parents in North Carolina’s neighboring state of Virginia are angry that a librarian in the town of Woodbridge read an age-appropriate children’s book called “Prince & Knight” to the school earlier this month.

The book, written by Daniel Haack and illustrated by Steve Lewis, is about a “prince who didn’t quite find what he was looking for” when his parents tried to set him up with some princesses. He and a knight are then forced to battle a dragon and protect their lands, when he discovers that the knight is who he was looking for all along.

Amazon says the book is appropriate for preschool through third grade children.

Despite the anodyne story, some parents at Marshall Elementary School are angry that a librarian read the book during morning video announcements to students.

“Some romantic issues or sexual issues should be dealt with at home because gay marriage can be a matter of religion,” said Janelle Anderson, as if straight marriages aren’t religious even though they often take place in churches.

“I thought that was a very controversial choice to read at an elementary school level and not give parents the option to opt-out or give parents a warning.”

Anderson was so mad that she posted a video of the librarian reading the book to social media with the caption “Force-feeding gay romance books to kids.”

Regional news reporters from WUSA9 asked her if she would feel the same way if the librarian read a similar book about a straight couple. Anderson replied, “I don’t really think that romance of any kind belongs in elementary school books. I cringe at the Snow White story.”

That doesn’t exactly square with her use of the word “gay” in her video caption or why she hasn’t said anything about any books read at the school until now.

Former teacher Rebecca Anderson said that she thought it “just makes sense” to read a book with LGBTQ characters during Pride Month.

“I think it had nothing to do with sex and it had nothing to do with anything else other than visibility,” she said. “There’s no difference. Love is love.”

In a statement, Principal Dr. Kristin Bock said that the school will not tolerate “intimidation of Marshall [Elementary] staff and insinuated threats against them.” 

A follow-up to the book was released last year. “Prince & Knight: Tale of the Shadow King,” follows the challenges of the now-married couple as they battle an evil force that threatens to destroy their kingdom. 

Both books are listed as being available for check out from the Cabarrus County library in the Charlotte Metropolitan area. 

This story appears courtesy our media partner LGBTQ Nation. Additional content created by Qnotes Staff.

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