Right now in the United States, we are experiencing unprecedented disunity and division. The political and community scenes continue to get increasingly polarized, including around the global COVID-19 pandemic with sharp disagreement on what course of action to pursue.

During this time of multiple national crises, corporations continue to step up more than ever to take the lead in promoting effective diversity, equity and inclusion.

Four points to consider at this juncture are:

1. Throughout our nation’s history, corporate America has frequently led in areas of gender, racial and LGBTQ equity, with government legislation eventually catching up.

2. Companies have seen the data and multiple studies like the one from McKinsey that shows that companies that have diverse teams effectively working together outperform their monolithic peers.

3. Almost all companies have published mission, vision and values statements, and leaders can continually rally all employees to coalesce around those goals, no matter what their political or philosophical differences.

4. Companies realize that when every single employee is placed in an environment where they are empowered to contribute their very best, the whole organization succeeds and everyone benefits. It is so sad that we live in a time where people continue to cut others down. This minimizing of others hurts the entire society in the long run.

Let’s all take some lessons from the most successful companies and learn how to value the diversity and uniqueness of each person, and work together to build a better world for everyone.

Stan Kimer is a career development and diversity consultant with Total Engagement Consulting by Kimer based in Raleigh, N.C. and has expertise in corporate LGBTQ diversity strategy and training. Visit totalengagementconsulting.com to learn more.

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Stan Kimer is the owner of TotalEngagement Consulting by Kimer and has published “A 2015 More Comprehensive Outline on Human Resources Support for Transgender Employees” which can be found online...