Have you been paying attention to LGBT news lately? Let’s find out! Choose the right answer to each question.

1. In New Hampshire, what did the House of Representatives do with a bill to repeal same-sex marriage?
a. Delayed it.
b. Passed it.
c. Rejected it.
d. Cut itty-bitty Republican elephants out of it.

2. Docked at an island during a gay cruise, two California men had sex in sight of people on land. They were arrested and pleaded guilty to indecent exposure. Which island was this that prohibits sex between men?
a. Maui
b. Jamaica
c. Dominica
d. Island of Misfit Toys

3. In Croatia, over 400 people joined a Facebook group that threatened Pride marchers in Split with violence. Croatia is staunchly:
a. Jewish
b. Sikh
c. Catholic
d. Moonie

4. The National Organization for Marriage is boycotting Starbucks because the coffee titan:
a. charges too much for a latte
b. closed some of its stores
c. supported same-sex marriage in Washington state
d. will not stop using that suggestive mermaid logo

5. The Miss Universe Canada pageant disqualified contestant Jenna Talackova for:
a. falsies
b. not having a talent
c. being transgender
d. slicing another competitor’s swimsuit to ribbons

6. Alpharetta (Ga.) High School officials say Reuben Lack was dismissed as student body president because he hadn’t met expectations. Lack says it was because he tried to make the prom inclusive for gay students. What step has Lack just taken to be reinstated?
a. He picketed the school board.
b. He held a sit-down strike in the principal’s office.
c. He filed a federal lawsuit.
d. He chained himself to a math teacher.

7. Which performer announced her intention to speak out against St. Petersburg’s nasty new anti-gay law at her August concert in the Russian city?
a. Cyndi Lauper
b. Lady Gaga
c. Madonna
d. Miss Piggy

For each question, the answer is “c.” But, you knew that, didn’t you? Just nod. I’ll believe you. : :

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