Hello Trinity,
What are circuit parties and would you recommend them?
Circuit Queries, Philadelphia, PA

Hello Circuit Queries,
Circuit parties, typically benefiting AIDS organizations, started in Atlanta, Ga., in the 70s at the Hotlanta River Expo where so many people showed up that the organizers had to create smaller parties to accommodate the crowds, thus a circuit of parties. Events like Montreal’s Black & Blue fill sports arenas, sporting famous DJ’s and entertainers. For $75 to $150 you too can dance next to gorgeous, muscular gay men on drugs (how else do you think they stay up). So, once in your life, down a Red Bull, remove your shirt and dance all night, but, darling, skip the drugs because some people also overdose.

Hey Trinity,
I invited a guy from the internet over for dinner, which ended up in bed. After I orgasmed, I asked him to leave cause I was tired. Later he called to say how “horrible” I was for “excusing him” five minutes after “I pleased myself.” He was an internet date; what did he expect, romance?
Thanks, Now Leave, Houston, TX

Hey Thanks Now Leave,
Whether he wanted romance or to be treated humanely, it’s never OK to kick out a one-night stand right after you orgasm, including internet dates! Next time “please” your date too, spend a bit of time together, then announce that you’re selfish, I mean tired. Honey, make someone glad, not mad to meet you! (My cartoon shows you how not to act in this situation.”

Dearest Trinity,
I met this guy who forced me to have sex. I’m gay, but I think I was raped. How do I know?
The Rape Rap, Nashville, TN

Dearest Rape Rap,
I also was raped at gunpoint in the south in the early 80s. I’ll remember it forever and you will too. That’s the first sign you were raped. If you were given drugs that’s the second sign. And, if you feel like it’s your fault, there’s your third sign. Other signs include marks on your body and a fear in your body of being raped again. Yes, sweetie, it takes two to tango, but just because you said yes to a date doesn’t mean you should be forced to mate! Every city has gay helplines. Please call them!

Dear Trinity,
Two years ago I broke up with my ex also of two years. Now he wants to get back, but we always get back together to see if the relationship will work again. Should I give it another try?
Once Again, Cleveland, OH

Dear Once Again,
If after four years you’re still not sure, one thing is sure — you both may never be sure. So, pumpkin, before starting up again start reading:

Trinity’s Sharp Tips For “When It’s Finally Time” To End A Relationship
1. When every night promises fighting and/or violence, it’s time!
2. When he cancels five out of seven dates (three times he called too late and twice he “forgot”), it’s time to forget him!
3. When, by the fifth date she still treats you like a loser with nothing “important” to say or do…it’s definitely time!
4. When after three months he’s still extremely lazy, rude and selfish, it’s time!
5. When you can’t do or “have never done” anything right, it’s “so long” time!
6. When she doesn’t want to talk, listen or communicate ideas on making things better…guess what!
7. When he cheats in front of you and/or behind your back for the third time, guess what again?
8. When you’ve only seen him a total of one month in the last three because of family, business or blah blah blah, it’s time.
9. When she steals your money, your car and your best friend, do I have to say it?
10. Lastly, when you haven’t had sex in the last years of your four-year relationship, it’s big time to end it! : :

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