The Charlotte Transgender Health Care Group (CTHCG) began operation in 2012 with a mission to increase trans-specialized provider clinical competency and the highest level of interdisciplinary collaboration among affirming providers in the greater Charlotte area.

It’s been ten years since CTHCG mounted the effort, and now in recognition of contributions and achievement, they’re celebrating those years of accomplishment with “T.H.E. Night: Celebrating 10 Years of Trans Health for Everyone” on Saturday, October 22, beginning at 6 p.m. and continuing through 9 p.m. Presented by Avance Care, the upscale event includes a silent auction, an educational and entertaining slideshow, a slate of multiple guest speakers, a presentation emceed by Charlotte’s own comic and talent producer, the “Self Made Man,” Shaine Laine, a DJ for dancing throughout the evening, open bar and a skillfully crafted selection of delectable edibles.

Originally founded in January 2012, The Charlotte Transgender Health Care Group (CTHCG) is a devoted group of providers from multiple nearby counties.  Dr. Lisa Griffin, a psychologist providing care for trans patients in the Charlotte Metro for more than a decade and a half, had plans to move from the area and was committed to making certain a loyal and steadfast community of healthcare professionals would be available to provide for the needs of  gender diverse folks.

The collection of compassionate care givers began with five hormone prescribing providers, seven mental health professionals and one surgeon as founding members, all who were committed to the development of the highest quality transgender healthcare and the transmitting and redevelopment of information regarding cases of particular complexity.

Today, CTHG wants to share the pride in their years of commitment and compassion and goals of continuing service. What better way to do that than with a big party?

The event takes place at Tabbris Innovation Center, located at 1300 South Blvd, Suite D. Tickets are $100. Suggested attire for the evening is cocktail, business casual, or a festive and dressed up night out style. At press time, tickets to the event were nearing capacity. While the ability to purchase tickets at the door is still a possibility, that is subject to change and those interested in attending are encouraged to buy tickets in advance so everyone can join in on the fun!