The Charlotte Queer Oral History Project (CQOHP) was originally founded in 1993 as part of a larger statewide effort to record personal histories of local LGBTQ communities around North Carolina. Histories recorded so far are currently stored at campus libraries at UNC-Greensboro and UNC Charlotte.

CQHOP is now mounting an effort to begin again the process of recording our very important senior LGBTQ oral histories before they are lost forever. Tina Wright, an oral historian at UNC Charlotte will be the co-coordinator along with Linda Lawyer.

There are several opportunities to help with this project. You can record interviews with members of our community using our audio equipment or Zoom. We’ll also need written summaries of the interviews and identified and indexed keywords for future research, as well as reviews of automated translations of interviews and providing any needed corrections.

Some of these options are perfect for those of you who like to read people’s stories in the comfort of your own home, but at the same time, give back to our community.

On Sunday, March 27 beginning at 2 p.m. and continuing through 4 p.m., CQOHP will present an overview of the program and conduct an interviewing workshop at Time Out Youth, located at 3800 Monroe Road. If you’re interested, contact Linda Lawyer via email at, or call 704-650-7386.

Interested in launching a social group?

After a successful kickoff with Queen City Friends’ Senior Lesbian Lunch, the Charlotte LGBTQ Elders group is seeking volunteers to help launch both a senior gay/bi men’s social group and a non-binary social group for seniors. Connect with Charlotte LGBTQ Elders through Facebook or by email at if you’re interested in helping with new programming in 2022.

New Developments with Charlotte LGBTQ Elders

Charlotte LGBTQ Elders has successfully received their 501(c)(3) organization status and have recently opened a bank account to process any donations to the non-profit group. To learn more visit their website at

David Aaron Moore

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