(Photo Credit: Matilda Wormwood via Pexels)

The Charlotte Gaymers Network and Charlotte Pride have come together to create an LGBTQ game night via the online game website Jackbox. The event will take place May 10, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The Jackbox website emphasizes multiplayer participation and confirms each player needs a phone or other web-enabled device to use as their controller. Although most games support up to eight players, audiences may be up to ten thousand for any one tournament. 

The Charlotte Gaymers Network (CGN) describes itself as an inclusive group of Charlotte individuals from all walks of life who are united in passion and love for all things gaming.

Originally, CGN offered board game tournaments and social events. COVID-19, however, has limited the group to virtual video game nights until further notice.

Over the past several months, the group has been able to host other unique events, including “A Conversation with David Bateson.” This live Q&A was presented by Potions and Pixels, a nonprofit organization that utilizes games to create social impact, as well as CGN. It featured Bateson, the voice actor behind the Hitman video game series answering questions from participants and discussing his experiences. 

The progress the Charlotte Gaymers Network has made towards community inclusion has allowed Jackbox Party to attract potential gaymers in North Carolina and the surrounding region.

The party will feature prizes, including a Game Stop gift card, an annual CGN membership and a Charlotte Pride Merch Gift card. To register for the Jackbox Party event, fill out the Google form at bit.ly/3taLuqU. For more information on the Charlotte Gaymers Network visit their page on Facebook or Patreon at patreon.com/CharlotteGN.

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