Center asks for volunteers

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte is calling on community members to volunteer their time to help staff the center.

They are currently needing general staffing during normal operating hours to answer telephones, return calls, greet visitors and provide information to patrons.

Volunteers may also be asked to assist on weeknights and weekend days to better organizing and straightening the facility.

The center is utilizing VolunteerSpot to handle its program. To provide services, visit and fill out the form there. Spots will be listed according to assignments.


Church hires new minister

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — New Life Metropolitan Community Church, 1900 The Plaza, announced that after a long search, it has hired Rev. Dawn Jennifer Flynn as its pastor.

The vote to call her to the pulpit in Charlotte was unanimous. She joined the congregation in February.

Currently, she has been appointed as a stand-by-call pastor until she meets the full requirements to become a MCC clergy person. She was previously ordained in the United Methodist Church and held credentials with them.

Flynn, who was born Duane Flynn in Pontiac, Mich., in 1949, was featured on the Reconciling Methodist Network’s website where she shared her transgender journey, including her first experience publicly appearing and living at a Relay for Life womanless beauty pageant in Gaston County.

Flynn surrendered her clergy credentials in September 2008 when the church superintendent said that after the pageant that she was parading around town as a woman, saying that the behavior was “inappropriate.” She also said that she was devastated by the actions brought against her.

After undergoing therapy and becoming comfortable with herself, she decided to have sex reassignment surgery in 2011 in Montreal.

She has penned an autobiography entitled “God Does Love Me. My Trans Journey to Finding My True Self.”

The full story can be read online at

Regular services at New Life MCC are held on Sundays at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.


Pageant, fundraiser slated

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Campus Pride will host its first-ever national intercollegiate pageant for female impersonators and performers on March 23, 10 p.m., at The Scorpio, 2301 Freedom Dr.

Contestants will be judged in Creative Presentation, On Stage Question and Talent on a point system. Theme will be “School Spirit.”

On March 28, Campus Pride will host a fundraiser benefit for its LGBTQ Leadership for Youth at The Scorpio.

Doors open at 10 p.m. and the show begins at 11:45 p.m.

On hand will be “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Debutantess of the Deep South, Shangela, DJ Marco, Divas Lounge with Latin Viernes and DJ Rage’N Ray.

Reunion slated

CHERRYVILLE, N.C. — The former Gastonia LGBT nightspot, Night Owls, is holding an “Our Place in History…Reunion” during the evening of March 22, at After Hours, 100 E. Church St.

Proceeds for the event will benefit House of Mercy in Belmont, N.C. The HIV/AIDS respite receives 80 percent of its operating budget from contributions.

Roller Girls to help those in need

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Charlotte Roller Girls has partnered with The Dublin Dog Foundation to help build awareness of the foundation’s effort to connect area in-need citizens with therapeutic and service dogs.

Throughout 2014, the team will contribute a portion of its game proceeds toward the foundation. The league has always partnered with local charities to provide support through hands-on volunteering, awareness initiatives and donations from game proceeds and external fundraising.

It held its partnership kick off on March 8 at Connolly’s Irish Pub, 115 E. North St.

This year’s recipient is Alex Roche. He had a stroke when he was seven days old and his cerebellum was destroyed. He has had challenges with regard to walking, talking and eating. Even though he’s had physical and behavioral therapy and has been improving, the use of the dog would make his life a bit easier.

Cost for a guide dog can run upwards of $30,000 each.


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