CHARLOTTE, N.C. — City officials released details on how they will fill the now-vacant District 1 City Council seat left after Councilmember Patsy Kinsey was sworn in as mayor on Monday. Kinsey took the position to finish former Mayor Anthony Foxx’s term. He was sworn in today as the newest secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Council will appoint a replacement for Kinsey’s seat. The individual will serve until the term expires on Dec. 2, 2013. Interested applicants can find an application online. Applications may also be submitted via email or fax, or delivered in person to the City Clerk’s office. Applications will be distributed to Mayor Kinsey and City Council for consideration. They are public records.

Applicants must be registered Democrats and live in District 1. The deadline for submission is July 15 at Noon.

Local advocates with the Mecklenburg LGBT Political Action Committee said on Tuesday that they would be keeping track of the process to fill Kinsey’s vacated seat.

“MeckPAC will watch the replacement process and will act as if this were an election by sending our MeckPAC Candidate questionnaire to the applicants, if we are able to learn who they are, or at the very least, to the selected replacement,” the group’s chair, Scott Bishop, said in an email to the newspaper. “This will help us ascertain the LGBT friendliness of the replacement.”

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