Colleen Condon becomes South Carolina’s second openly gay or lesbian elected official.

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Colleen Condon, a Charleston County council member, has announced that she is a lesbian, The Post and Courier reported.

Her statement was shared at a meeting on March 7 with council members “to clear inaccuracies posted about her in a story on a website,” saying “Yes, I’m gay. I don’t think that’s a sex scandal in 2013,” the Post and Courier added.

Fits News reported that she was in an adulterous relationship. Condon said it was not true.

A fellow council member, Teddie Pryor, said that Condon’s comments at the end of the Finance Committee meeting were “unimportant” and were Condon’s business.

Condon began her current relationship when she was separated from her ex-husband, prior to their divorce.

Condon has said she does not think the announcement will impact her “relationship with her constituents or her chances of re-election. Condon said her “integrity and service to my constituents remain my top priorities.”

Condon joins only one other openly gay or lesbian elected official in South Carolina. Nick Shalosky was elected as the state’s first openly gay official when he was a 21-year-old junior at the College of Charleston in 2009. He still serves on the Charleston County District 20 Constituent School Board.

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