Now is the time to give back. And it is the main reason why I even do drag. Drag queens always have been supporters of their community and many support different charities.

With the holidays upon us, it can be a busy time, but it is never too late to do something good for someone else. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or do a benefit show to make a positive difference. Plus, doing something kind is the best way to get in the spirit of the season.

Make the world a better place by starting with you this holiday season and new year.  Choose one, two, three or more of these simple, random acts of kindness.

  • Smile at someone you do not know.
  • Post something positive about someone else on social media.
  • Donate clothing or food to a local shelter.
  • Volunteer to deliver meals to those in need or work at a food pantry.
  • Throw away your trash or clean/stack your dishes at a restaurant for the waiter.
  • Spend time with someone you don’t know asking about their life.
  • Let the other person in the car behind you have the parking spot.
  • Send a kind note or text message to someone you have not spoken with in awhile and tell them how much you appreciate them.
  • Pay for the person behind you in the fast food drive thru.
  • Bake some cookies and share them with employees who have to work during the holiday — fire station, police, hospital, etc.
  • Pay for someone’s coffee.
  • Wrap gifts for charity donations in shopping mall.
  • Compliment someone you do not know.
  • Push someone’s shopping cart inside.
  • Offer to share your umbrella if raining.
  • Help someone at the store carry their groceries to their car.
  • Offer to give your seat on public transportation to someone else.
  • Volunteer time at a nursing home or senior care facility.
  • Offer to rake leaves (or clean sidewalks) for a neighbor.
  • Give a gift card or food to someone in need on the street.
  • Offer a ride to someone who needs one.

Do you have ideas? Add to this list in the comment section of this column. Together we can change the world by simply acting with kindness. Start your random acts now and make a good habit all year round.

DRAG TIP: Commit to doing three of these before the New Year. The positive vibes will put a kick in your heel!

SHOUT OUTS: Come out to the Night of Cher-ity on Monday, Dec. 28 at 9:30 p.m. at The Bar at 316. You can “turn back time” before the new year with over a dozen Cher impersonators and decades of fun. Proceeds benefit LGBTQ youth this holiday with Campus Pride.  Suggested door cover donation is $5.

— Buff Faye calls the Queen City her home and loves a great smile (plus she loves to raise money for charities). Find her at your favorite bars and hot spots. Plus don’t forget her monthly Saturday night shows, Sunday drag brunch and regular Friday night party bus. Learn more at Follow on Twitter @BuffFaye


Buff Faye

Buff Faye calls the Queen City her home and performs to help save the world from Republicans (and raise money for charities). Find her at your favorite bars and hot spots. Plus don’t forget her monthly...