Singles Awareness Day is an unofficial holiday marked on the international calendar as February 15.  It follows Valentine’s Day, recognizing those who aren’t married, partnered or in a relationship and offers the opportunity for single folk of any orientation to celebrate their relationship status as they see fit.

The celebration of being single may seem unusual for our relationship-oriented society but choosing to remain single is a powerful decision that deserves celebration as well. The joy of oneness can allow an individual to explore themselves, the world around us and develop self sufficiency that can last a lifetime.

Jordan Glover is a 23-year old, full time graduate student at North Carolina Central University. Currently, Glover is currently pursuing a PHD in Integrated BioScience. Recently single, he offered to expand upon the benefits of his bachelor status. “Now that I’m newly single, I enjoy it a lot,” he explains. “I have a lot more time to myself and I’ve been given a lot more autonomy.”  In his new found availability to investigate his autonomy, he also acknowledged a disinterest in being partnered. “Right now, I’m not in the space to handle the desires, needs, and feelings that come with maintaining a relationship with another person. So for now it’s best for me to remain single until I’m able to do that.”

Adding more perspective to the topic is Marco Largos. A non-binary 20-year old food service manager. “[Being] single has been … freeing. [There’s] a lot of growth in being single, I’ve discovered so much more about myself.”

Choosing to enjoy his own company and explore interests that he loves to celebrate for Singles Awareness Day, Largos says he will “go out on a date with myself.  I would say going out to eat or go shopping, go on a hike and spend time out in nature.”

Electing to remain single means something different for each individual. For West Banx being single is the best option for his interests at the moment. “Getting into a relationship requires a lot of vulnerability and I feel like I need more time to sort through my own personal baggage and goals before entering one,” Banx explained.  “[Being single] has gifted me a lot of space to focus solely on myself.”

Banx is a 24-year old franchise business consultant and spends a lot of time traveling because of his work. “I honestly enjoy it a lot, I travel a lot with friends and family, I like to go out and socialize, and I’m able to do that a lot more than I would when in a relationship.

Going out has allowed me to expand my social reach and being single has given me a lot of social fluidity.”  Going out for Taco Tuesday is how he will honor his current relationship status.

All of these points of view offer a variety of reasons to celebrate your relationship with yourself and the freedom it allows. Singles Awareness Day is a worthwhile occasion to treat yourself to a special dining experience with yourself or other single friends, indulge in some shopping or spend time working towards achieving personal goals.

At the end of the day, what’s most important for celebrating your happily earned status as a strong, single individual?  Do something that is fulfilling and enriching… just for you.