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Paige Braddock, our syndicated cartoonist who brings you “Jane’s World,” will take her leave from qnotes after this issue in order to pursue work on the first “Jane’s World” graphic novel which is due out in June 2016 through Bold Strokes Books.

“The Case of the Mail Order Bride,” recounts how Jane’s online account gets hacked and she accidentally purchases a mail order bride, only she does not realize this has happened until the woman shows up on her doorstep with rolling luggage, Braddock quipped.

According to Braddock, “Jane’s World” was the first gay-themed work to receive online distribution by a national media syndicate in the U.S.

So, where did her passion originate? Braddock knew from the time that she was seven years old that she wanted to be a cartoonist, but it took awhile to figure out how to make that happen, she shared. Her major in college was illustration and the first 12 years of her career was spent in newspaper work doing illustrations and humorous cartoon drawings, as well as location maps and other news-related graphics. “I loved working for newspapers,” she said.

Braddock currently serves at creative director for Charles M. Schultz Creative Associates which features the “Peanuts” crew. Her illustration talents have been showcased in several “Peanuts” books. The studio is in the process of producing it’s first ever “Peanuts” movie and that is keeping Braddock busy overseeing product development based upon the movie. She was recently in attendance at ComicCon working at the studio’s booth, as well as signing books for “Stinky Cecil in Operation Pond Rescue,” a children’s graphic novel. She is currently working on the second installment in the series.

“Jane” will not go away, Braddock said. She said that she would be “doing ‘Jane’…probably forever.”

Previously, she has penned other works, such as “The Martian Confederacy,” which she co-created with Jason McNamara. She has also written under a pseudo name, Missouri Vaun, telling lesbian romance stories in fictionalized novels.

Braddock has words of wisdom for youth who are considering entering the cartooning field. “I usually tell young, aspiring cartoonists that if they want to create comics or graphic novels then they should work on both their drawing and writing skills with equal focus. You need to be good at both to succeed, unless you’re going to partner with someone else as a writer or artist. And the second thing I would say is practice, practice, practice!”

When she is not working, she and her wife Evelyn, spend time with their adopted rescue terrier-mix dog Buddy Barker. : :

[Ed. Note: qnotes wishes Braddock continued success in her future adventures and thanks her for being a part of the qnotes family of contributors.]

info: paigebraddockcomics.wordpress.com.

Lainey Millen

Lainey Millen was formerly QNotes' associate editor, special assignments writer, N.C. and U.S./World News Notes columnist and production director from 2001-2019 when she retired.