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The cover of "Santa's Husband."

It was just a matter of time before right wing sites stumbled upon “Santa’s Husband,” the children’s book starring a black, gay Santa Claus

The book, illustrated by Ashley Quach, a native of Matthews, North Carolina, and written by Daniel Kibblesmith, started as a joke in response to Megyn Kelly assuring kids that Santa was white. This was after a Mall of America hired a black Santa. 

But what started as a laugh became serious, and then materialized as a book, part of a growing trend of children’s literature that represents LGBTQ families

The book has gotten a lot of coverage, including from CNN, which appears to have been what finally got it on Breitbart‘s radar, the infamous conservative site beloved by the alt-right. 

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“CNN’s relentless campaign to destroy the innocence of young children marched on this weekend with a lengthy Sunday morning New Day segment promoting a children’s book that depicts Santa Claus as a homosexual who is married to another man,” it declared, in an article titled “CNN Promotes Children’s Book With Gay-Married Santa Claus.”

The author of the piece, John Nolte, also noted that CNN host Victor Blackwell “read a section of the book that tells children as young as four, ‘Like any married couple they have disagreements but always manage to kiss and make up, usually over a plate of milk and cookies.'”

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The comments, unsurprisingly, are even worse, but there seems to be no sense in giving more space to the anti-gay sentiment on full display there, except to note that there is a lot of work left to do to gain full LGBTQ acceptance. And that is precisely what this book is all about. 

Kibblesmith said as much in his CNN interview, which Breitbart cited as another horrible moment. The illustrator said he and Quach were “trying to put a net positive into the world and contribute to a vacuum of representation.” 

While it might be too late to make it in time for Christmas, “Santa’s Husband” is available for purchase, in case one wishes to stick it to the alt-right. 

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