People come in all different shapes and sizes. Typically, but not always, female bodies tend to be a bit more round, while male bodies lean towards a more square shape.

Those predominant shapes are reflected in the different cut and style of clothing for women and men. 

But – as we all know and especially in the LGBTQ community – not everyone wants to dress in clothing specifically designed for the gender they may have been assigned at birth. And then there are some men who are just naturally rounder and women who are a bit more square.

Whatever the case, it leads to this: far too often, trans individuals and plenty of cisgender individuals with body shapes that are not the typical mass-market standard can find off the rack clothing uncomfortable and ill-fitting.

That’s where the San Diego, California-based company Dapper Boi comes in.

Designed to be inclusive of multiple shapes and sizes, Dapper Boi was founded in 2015 by married same-sex couple Vicky and Charisse Pasche.

Dapper Boi founders Vicky and Charisse Pasche. | Screen Capture

So just how did this train of thought and line of clothing come to be? Like many individuals, no matter what gender, Vicky had long enjoyed the comfort and ease of wearing clothing that was generally designed for cisgender men. However, they didn’t always conform to her body’s shape and she was growing weary of pouring through clothes that didn’t quite fit right, in both the men’s and women’s sections of clothing stores.

After extensive internet research for gender-neutral and size-inclusive clothing came up with nothing, the two were struck with the idea that it was time to take matters into their own hands.

That led to a great deal of soul searching, looking for ways to raise funds and other ways to save money. The two even downsized from a four-bedroom townhouse to a 630-square-foot apartment. 

As posted on their website, the company’s mission is to ensure everyone has access to affordable, solid clothes that fit both their body, and more importantly, their personality.

“We’ve heard thousands of stories about our clothes helping people feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin. And, we hope to hear millions more. We believe changing your clothes can change your life.”

After years of hard work, Dapper Boi is finally attracting major attention these days.

Just last month the clothing line and their designers appeared on the ABC TV series “Shark Tank.” The two women excitedly showcased their gender neutral clothing brand and impressed the show’s investors, though none of the so-called “sharks” were willing to bite financially. Dapper Boi, unfortunately, didn’t walk out the door with a big bag of cash (they were hoping for a funding infusion of $250,000).

They did however, receive what both proclaimed as very useful advice from Shark Stars Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John. At episode’s end John even offered to provide mentorship free of cost and gave Dapper Boi founders his personal phone number.

But their efforts to keep the company turning out quality product didn’t end with a lack of funding from “Shark Tank.” Turns out a particularly wealthy entrepreneur was watching named Kelly Ann Winget, and she stepped up to the plate to help Dapper Boi keep up the good work.

If you’re in need of quality, tailor-made clothing to fit your physique, don’t hesitate to visit their website to peruse their fashions at

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