Colette Forrest
Colette Forrest speaks at a March press conference at Little Rock AME Zion Church. The Black Political Caucus voted Thursday to remove Forrest immediately from her position as chair. Diedra Laird

By Caroline Metzler, The Charlotte Observer

Charlotte’s influential Black Political Caucus voted Thursday to shift the resignation of its chair, Colette Forrest, to be effective immediately.

Forrest notified the public earlier in December that she intended to resign, effective Dec. 31. The vote came three days prior to her scheduled departure from the position.

“I just thought it odd because we’re just talking three days before I was actually going to step down anyway,” she said.

Forrest said the vote occurred in an unofficial meeting because it violated the caucus’ bylaws.

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She said she accomplished everything she had desired to accomplish during her 10-month tenure and that she chose to resign because it was the appropriate time.

“We had our own internal back and forth, and I felt like, having accomplished everything that I set out to do, given the personalities, given the struggles, given the history of the caucus, I felt like why not exit out on a high note,” Forrest said.

Charlotte’s Black Political Caucus has had a particularly successful year, with each of their political endorsements being voted into office, including Democrat Vi Lyles as mayor.

The former first vice chair of the caucus, Eric Erickson, is now acting chair.

Forrest said that, despite her resignation, she is proud of the achievements the caucus made during her tenure.

“The 10 months that I’ve been leader, we haven’t been without our troubles, but I’ve composed it and contained it well, and I’ve been tremendously focused.”

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This article was originally published by The Charlotte Observer.

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