Former Vice President Joe Biden captured enough delegate numbers to net the Democratic Party nomination as its candidate for president in the 2020 General Election. (Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons. CC-BY-SA-2.0 license)

While there are still more primaries scheduled to take place, Former Vice President Joe Biden has officially earned the number of pledged delegates in order to secure the Democratic nomination for president of the United States. On April 8 Biden became the presumptive nominee when Sen. Bernie Sanders, the last remaining candidate in the race at the time, suspended his campaign.

The news of Biden’s success of reaching the necessary number of delegates to become the Democratic presidential nominee followed the final count of the June 2 contests. That included New Mexico, Indiana, Maryland, Montana, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This day has now become coined as “Super Junesday” originating from a Tweet from politics reporter Grace Panetta in late March after a number of states rescheduled their primaries due to the ongoing threat of the coronavirus. Biden won 422 out of 452 delegates which brought his delegate count to 2,150, surpassing the required 1,991 delegate requirement for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Upon hearing the news of reaching the required delegate count to be the Democratic presidential nominee at the Democratic National Convention, which has been postponed to take place in Milwaukee sometime in mid-August, Biden expressed his feelings on his win.

“It was an honor to compete alongside one of the most talented groups of candidates the Democratic party has ever fielded — and I am proud to say that we are going into this general election a united party,’’ Biden said Friday night after securing the required delegate count. “I am going to spend every day between now and November 3rd fighting to earn the votes of Americans all across this great country so that, together, we can win the battle for the soul of this nation, and make sure that as we rebuild our economy, everyone comes along.”

Following Super Junesday, the primaries for Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Nevada, and North Dakota took place on June 9. At press time Georgia and West Virginia were the only two states with available results with Biden winning 84.9 percent and Sanders with 9.4 percent in Georgia. In West Viriginia Biden took 65.4 percent of the vote, leaving Sanders with 12.1 percent. Set to take place on June 23 are races for New York and Kentucky, leaving Delaware and New Jersey’s primary scheduled for July 7 and Louisiana on July 11.

Earlier this month, campaign officials told CBS News of Biden’s plans to capture the LGBTQ vote by bringing together a coalition of activists and politicians to pursue the U.S.’s estimated 11 million LGBTQ eligible voters through his outreach efforts dubbed “Out for Biden.”

“Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign is launching a nationwide voter outreach effort in June to coincide with Pride Month and engage millions of LGBTQ voters ahead of the November presidential election,” a campaign official told CBS News.

There is an estimated 772,000 possible votes from members of the LGBTQ community in Florida, 416,000 in Pennsylvania, and 311,000 in Michigan according to the Human Rights Campaign.