Scott Miller (seen here) and husband Tim Gill continue to fund LGBTQ efforts. (Photo Credit: Scott Miller via Gill Foundation)

On August 6, President Biden nominated Scott Miller as ambassador to Switzerland and chief envoy to Liechtenstein; positions that are headquartered in Bern, Switzerland.

Miller and his husband, Tim Gill, have donated over $390,000,000 to LGBTQ causes. Among them, efforts to ensure that LGBTQ youth will no longer be forced into conversion therapy, experience harassment at school and general protection from harassment. 

Currently serving as board member of the Gill Foundation, Miller is responsible for navigating nonprofit and inter-organizational collaboration. The foundation is based in Denver, Colorado (interestingly enough, just about an hour away from the notoriously anti-gay organization Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs). Miller and Gill have funded local elementary, middle and high schools. During COVID-19, the pair worked with other volunteers to cook and distribute more than five million meals to those experiencing unemployment or homelessness. 

In addition to his charitable efforts, Miller previously held the title of vice president at UBS Wealth Management. There he acted as advisor to those seeking to enhance their portfolios or improve their finances.

“If I’m fortunate enough to be confirmed,” Miller says. “I hope to build on the work of my predecessors to strengthen the already solid relationship we have with the Swiss and Liechtensteiners, including our dynamic trade, investment and defense partnerships.” 

The position of Swiss ambassador has been open since January, 2021. Before this time, a South Carolinian native, Edward Thomas McMullen Jr., was acting United States Ambassador to Switzerland as appointed by former President Donald Trump and had served as vice chair for Trump’s inaugural committee. 

Another plus on the Miller list, he has funded several Democratic candidates’ campaigns in the past decade. These donations included a $365,000 grant to President Biden during the general election. In his international endeavors, Miller has also acted as event planner for global corporations and entrepreneurs. His interest in politics stems directly from his passion for democracy and human rights advocacy. 

If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Miller hopes to continue his advocacy work for the LGBTQ community in the United States, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 

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