Hey Trinity,
I lost my job of five years and I am so upset. I’m worried that I won’t find another one as good. Any words of wisdom?
Jobless, San Francisco, Calif

Hey Jobless,
Typically, people change jobs four times in their life. So, sweetie, fear not but fear itself. When something awful falls into your lap you have to divinely embrace it because you are five years more educated, which means you can demand a better salary and a better title. Remember, worrying is like rocking in a chair, it gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere. So, get busy.

Hello Trinity,
I love you, your CD’s and your columns. I also just love your website. But, how do I know when I am in love or just obsessed?
Your Fan-O-Fanatic, Wilmington, Del.

Hello Fan-O-Fanatic,
Thanks for the love but if you start text messaging me hourly, collecting my garbage and talking about our future together then guess what, you’ve gone from falling in love to falling into an obsession. Pumpkin, obsession and love are always fighting for your attention, so you must always be ready to referee. When thinking of love versus obsession, think of listening to my CD’s at dinner versus living in a house full of Trinity memorabilia. (My cartoon will sure show you how to tell the difference.)

Dearest Trinity,
I dated a young man for a few months and it seemed to be going great. I gave him everything, a place to live, my car to use and even new clothes, but one day I came home and he was gone for good. What could I have done wrong?
Done Everything, Daytona Beach, Fla.

Dearest Done,
You mean to say that you smothered, I mean suffocated, I mean stuffed him with all those wonderful things and suddenly he wanted to grow up, I mean go out on his own. How heroically modern! In some cultures you’d be a saint, I guess in his culture you were an overcompensating mate. Honey, it takes two to tango and you obviously were dancing too well for him. Next time teach your little, ungrateful chickens to work for their own supper.

Hello Trinity,
My work is so stressful. I can’t quit, I’m too in debt. Help?
Stressed Out, South Beach, Fla.

Hello Stressed,
Cut this list out and work your way down it quickly, I mean patiently.

Trinity’s Easy Tips For Keeping The (SOUL) Stress Out of U’r Life
1. Getting massaged regularly or at least having a manicure, facial or an old-fashion shave now and then will keep the SOUL.
2. Avoiding late in the day caffeine and sugars which may cause insomnia and “The Sugar Blues” helps the SOUL.
3. Think stressless versus stressful like being early rather than being on time or late. Showing up early is stress free and manages the SOUL.
4. I know, “No one” can do what you do but fixing the small mistakes of three assistants is much less stressful than doing everything on your own. Delegation heals the SOUL.
5. If you want SOUL then stay out of other people’s problems, out of rush hour traffic and always try to stay as simple as you can.
6. Turning the phone off, including cell phones and emails promises a lot more SOUL.
7. Stop working for an hour and have some fun. Going to a movie, a play, an art opening or a concert feeds the SOUL.
8. Exercising, eating right and getting plenty of rest not only beats depression but also pushes the SOUL.
9. Letting things role off your shoulders, not harping on your troubles and moving on to more important things means you’ll have more SOUL.
10. Lastly, meditation, yoga, hot tubs, Vivaldi, a glass of wine and a walk on the beach or in the park really moves the SOUL

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