Sitges, Spain Bear Week participants and competition winners from the 2019 gathering. (Photo Credit: Manucarroz via Wikimedia Commons. CC-BY-SA 4.0 International license)

In September of each year, thousands of Bears — usually larger, hairier and muscular gay men — converge on the city of Sitges. A small village known as the Jewel of the Mediterranean, Sitges is located about 21 miles south of Barcelona, Spain in Catalonia. Sitges is famous for its beaches, museums, scenic walkways, carnivals and festivals. And, of course, that includes all the different gay events and parties throughout the year.

One of the largest events in Sitges is the September Bears Week, the largest and most diverse Bear event in the world. The Bears Sitges Association (BSA) called off this year’s event. The group made the decision after receiving a letter from the City Council that said the city would not support the 10-day festival because of COVID-19. This year’s Bears Week was slated for Sept. 4-13. The BSA has now asked that “bears who have reserved to come to the event, not to cancel their vacation.” Even with no “Bear — Village” on the seafront, no Mr. Bear Sitges Competition and other official Bears Week activities, the BSA ask the Bears to support event sponsors now more than ever before.

With Bears Week Sitges September 2020 canceled, many Bears are looking to the next big Sitges Bear event. They won’t have to wait too long, provided COVID-19 has subsided enough for the City Council to allow it. The Spring Bear Week will take place from Thursday, April 29 to Sunday, May 2, 2021. Four days instead of a 10-day annual event in September, the spring Bears Week is always a long weekend and still boasts nightly parties, hot clubs, streets and beaches full with thousands of men of all types.

Organizers said to book early in order to get good accommodations, however, keep in mind the uncertainty of how COVID-19 may affect any plans for Bear Sitges in the spring. The next big Bear Week Sitges is set for Sept. 3-12, 2021.

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