I’ve shirked my duty. I haven’t provided you with an LGBT news quiz in an eon. Shocking behavior. I’m back on the case now, ready to help you figure out whether you know your news. For each multiple-choice question below, circle the right answer. Or the wrong one — in my current contrite state, I can’t be pushy.

1. At a rally in Indianapolis, a man held a sign that said, “The solution to gay marriage” and underneath the words dangled a couple of nooses. Which organization staged the rally?
a. the Republican Party
b. Westboro Baptist Church
c. the National Organization for Marriage
d. the Taliban

2. “Interview with the Vampire” author Anne Rice announced, “In the name of Christ, I quit Christianity and being Christian.” Rice, mother of gay novelist Christopher Rice, declared she refuses to be “anti-gay,” “anti-feminist” and “anti-Democrat.” Where did her written declaration appear?
a. in Newsweek
b. on Twitter
c. on Facebook
d. on a church door in Wittenberg

3. Intent on staging a counter protest to Jerusalem’s Pride parade, Deputy Mayor Yitzhak Pindrus sought permission to greet marchers with live animals to represent the “bestial” nature of the parade. Which real animals did he want to use?
a. dogs
b. sheep
c. donkeys
d. armadillos

4. Ellen DeGeneres has chosen to leave “American Idol.” Her reported replacement as a judge will be:
a. Rosie O’Donnell
b. RuPaul
c. Jennifer Lopez
d. Madeleine Albright

5. And, in further lesbians-and-TV news, the now officially out actress Sara Gilbert (“Roseanne”) will co-host a new daytime talk show in which celebrity moms discuss the trials of motherhood. What will the show be called?
a. “The Mothers”
b. “The Mom Show”
c. “The Talk”
d. “The Stretch Marks”

6. Eight GetEqual protesters were arrested in the Capitol rotunda, their sit-in an effort to push House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to bring ENDA up for a vote. Pelosi’s spokesperson said:
a. “Go away.”
b. “I told you that floor is cold.”
c. “ . . . passing ENDA before DADT repeal has been finalized jeopardizes both initiatives.”
d. “You people have too many acronyms.”

The answer to each question is c. Since it’s been so long, I didn’t want to strain you by mixing things up. If you didn’t do well, fear not. I’m feeling sufficiently guilty that I hereby declare everyone has aced the quiz. What’s a little grade inflation between friends? : :

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