Hey Trinity,
My girlfriend of five months recently announced that she’s bisexual. Aren’t bisexuals towing the fence? And won’t she have trouble being in a committed relationship?
Confused, Providence, RI

Hey Confused,
On the contrary, bisexuals simply have an ability to feel attraction for both genders. They are definitely not towing the line nor non-committal, that’s a myth. Being bi means, “I see beauty in both sexes” not, “I must sleep with both sexes.” Straights and gays have no more or less trouble with commitment than bisexuals. I personally think most of us are born bisexual and learn to express our divine sexual purpose as we grow. Sweetie, if you really love her, then stay open-minded and keep talking about it with her. Aren’t relationships a bitch sometimes?

Dear Trinity,
My ex has been stalking me for over a month now. Even though I got a restraining order and had his phone and emails blocked, he still finds ways of reaching me! Help?
Stalked, Trenton, NJ

tt_465_090916Dear Stalked,
Being stalked is one of the worst situations anyone could ever experience. Unless you turn to the police, plus spend time and money getting this person out of your life, you often end up powerless! It sounds like you’re doing what you can, but the one thing that always helps me in dealing with stalkers, ex-lovers and/or the paparazzi is to take a vacation to a tropical island. Honey, it really is the best revenge! (See how I wave bon voyage as I take a much-needed respite from a tireless stalker when you check out my cartoon.)

Dearest Trinity,
I just started dating a guy, and we fell in love. Now he wants me to move in with him. We’ve been dating just over a month. Is it too soon?
Fast Moves, Kansas City, MO

Dearest Fast Moves,
There are two sides to this coin. One side says, “A month? Are you crazy?” The other side says, “you only live once!” Eventually you alone must decide. However, the more time a couple spends together before moving in together, the better chances the relationship has of surviving or ending before too much is at stake. Don’t be afraid of time! My vote is always wait as long as you can before moving in together because, pumpkin, if it does work out, you’ll never have your own private space again, ever again! Get the picture?

Hello Trinity,
I started a new job. Now I’m facing a lot more competition at work then ever before. I never had to be this competitive. Help!
Competition Jitters, Detroit, MI

Hello Jitters,
Being competitive is an art and a science. Not only should you take courses and read up on it, but, darling, you should also read:

Trinity’s Tough Tips For Being Competitive
1. Jealousy from peers is normal. If they can handle your successes, fine, if they can’t, stay away from them!
2. Research everyone in your field to learn why some made it and others failed!
3. Study everyone and anyone who had or has anything to do with what you’re competing for.
4. Practice, practice, practice!
5. Ask, “How can I be better?” You know you’re good, but you have to keep finding out how to be better!
6. Getting noticed means have a gimmick! There are a million people doing exactly what you are doing, so do it differently!
7. Stay away from people who don’t believe in you, your dreams or your goals!
8. Give it time! As with any activity, you’ll get better with time until you become a leader in your field. Then your competitors become your allies!
9. Accepting what makes your heart beat with excitement means accepting your dreams and all of its challenges!
10. Lastly, remember Einstein failed third grade, Lincoln lost more elections than he won and Edison failed 10,000 times before perfecting the light bulb! So, don’t give up! : :

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