An LGBT Hip Hop duo with a growing fan base and popularity took to the stage of Columbia’s Club 1800 on March 5. They didn’t let fans down as they ripped the stage with their high energy, smooth popping moves and silky, erotic voices.

Kin4Lifes IQ and Nor are taking on the music industry and keeping it real.
Kin4Life's IQ and Nor are taking on the music industry and keeping it real.

The duo’s stars, IQ and Nor, performed three songs, including “Skateboard,” “Getting Some” and their hit single, “Make Up Girl,” from their album “I Love Kin4Life.” As the audience took in their awesome performance, Nor added her own flavor to the show by playing favorites to the ladies as she engaged several spectators.

The two black and lesbian performers formed their group more than 12 years ago and have had to overcome many challenges as they built their empire. Early in their career, they both set out to remain true to themselves and who they are, unafraid to publicly embrace their race and sexuality. Refusing to change their appearance, swagger or identity, they passed up the opportunity to sign with a major record label. As disappointing as this missed opportunity was, they brushed their shoulders off and masterminded their independent label, Noriq Records, and self-promoted their music.

Their effort is slowly paying off. Kin4life has more than 11,500 fans internationally. They have appeared in popular magazines Curve and Out. They have been interviewed by, collaborated with recording artist Pharrell, and appeared in PBS’ “In the Life” and the documentary “Black Womyn Conversations.” Their video for “Make Up Girl” was named best video of the year by in 2008 and made Logo’s Click List top 10 videos.

This duo’s music is meaningful, realistic and sounds great. Their CD is a must buy. It is available on iTunes and : :


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Deaidre Newby

Deaidre Newby is a former editorial intern for QNotes.