repeal hb2 toilet paper
HB2 printed on toilet paper. Perfect for flushing. Image via YouTube screenshot.

Ad Agency McKinney, based in Durham, North Carolina, have put HB2 where it belongs: on rolls of toilet paper fit for flushing. They mailed the rolls to various media outlets and put a video to accompany it (below). The video encourages viewers to go to, which is now TurnOut! NC’s site

From the video:

North Carolina House Bill 2: It’s all anybody is talking about, and if you haven’t read it now’s your chance.

In just a few a few short minutes, you can read the bill that landed Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen concerts here (shot of toilet). Along with Google Ventures money for startups, 400 jobs at PayPal and another 250 at Deutsche Bank.

Join our roll call, and help repeal the bill that could cost the state $4.5 billion in federal funding. Put HB2 where it belongs. (Shot of toilet with HB2 toilet paper roll being flushed down it, with the text “The longer we live with HB2, the more we lose.

McKinney CEO Brad Brinegar signed a letter, along with over 100 other CEOS, calling for the repeal of HB2.

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He also appeared on CNN Money to discuss why he is against the discriminatory bill.

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