Hello, folks, and welcome back to the greatest show on Earth! Or at least a column about it anyway. If you know me, you know my passion is a good show or even better, a pageant. Nothing else compares. It seems as we go to press that not a whole lot has taken place in pageantry since the last time we were together, so this will literally be the shortest Rag you’ve ever read probably. That’s okay, it contains some really good news, in my humble opinion. :)

By the time you read this, my good sister Tajma Hall will have been the newest Miss Gay U.S.ofA. at Large for only two weeks. Sista girl took her rhinestone broom and literally swept the contest at the Saint in gorgeous San Antonio, TX. Yes, Tajma won all categories and I heard she really cut up in evening gown (which is, by the way, my favorite category). They say gown maker J.D. Martin of Dallas really outdid himself this time and the Rev. Hall brought revival to the house when she stepped out in a wrap equally as stunning as her competition gown. Miss Classic Sha Shae LaReese called me as she was leaving the stage just so I could hear the kids yelping. So sorry I missed it. I bet you I’ll be there to see her give it up next time! Tajma’s runners-up included Alyssa Williams, Samantha DeSante, Armani Nicole Davenport and Alexis Nicole Whitney (the winner of the last prelim, Miss Gulf Coast). Alexis’ runner-up, Donet McKim, was also in Top 12, along with Miss TX, Cassandra Paige Jones, Payje Turner, Ivy White, Adina Ronee, Mizery and Mia Inez Adams. Hats off to an NC transplant now living in Chicago on her second national title and to Mahogany Knight who crowned her. Oh, just think of the hott back-up dancers I missed out on, including those who I saw at Miss TX FFI back in July. Shazam!

They recently had the annual Miss Warehouse Witch contest in Greensboro. Anjelica Dust won all categories! Her RUs included Vanessa Cottrell, Raven Storm and Miss Spotlight.

In the next Rag, we’ll have results from Miss NC Unlimited and Miss Classique, which were about to take place as I turned this in at the very last minute (thanks for not firing me, Jim and Matt and Lainey!) I know Cierra Nichole, who is serving as our Miss NC U.S.ofA., won Miss Hickory Unlimited and she’ll be competing. Here’s to bigger and better in my birthday month of December!

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