Equality North Carolina’s #NCisReady campaign in partnership with the Campaign for Southern Equality is pushing for LGBTQ inclusive non-discrimination ordinances.

As we move into a new year and a new presidential administration, we’re all still holding the weight of the past four years on our shoulders. So many folks in our communities did not survive the presidency of Donald Trump, and thousands of vulnerable Americans are still dying every day from the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re not out of the woods yet — and we have a long way to go.

As our nation begins to rebuild and tries to get the COVID-19 pandemic under control, Equality North Carolina (ENC) will be here for you every step of the way. Please, stay tuned to our website, social media channels and emails for updates on the fight for our communities and the ways you can plug in during the weeks and months ahead. We will get through this together — and we’re here if you need us.

N.C. Is Ready To Protect Its LGBTQ Citizens

Here in North Carolina, we have the chance to make life better for our LGBTQ brothers, sisters and siblings for the first time in many years through the fight for local non-discrimination protections. On Dec. 1, a key prong of North Carolina’s House Bill 142 (HB142), the successor to the infamous House Bill 2 (HB2), expired, clearing the way for municipalities to pass local LGBTQ-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances. Many folks are surprised to learn that yes, there are no statewide or federal nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ North Carolinians — still.

But, so far, we have a lot to celebrate. In the first few weeks of 2021, we’ve seen ordinances pass in Hillsborough, Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, Greensboro and Orange County — and more are hopefully on the way in the coming weeks.

Are you ready to see LGBTQ-inclusive non-discrimination protections enacted in your city, town, or county? Join our #NCisReady campaign in partnership with Campaign for Southern Equality at NCisready.org. Here you’ll be able to directly contact your local town council or county commission and communicate why #NCIsReady to finally protect its LGBTQ citizens.

Black Future Month

Welcome to #BlackFutureMonth, ENC’s month-long celebration of blackness and Black Americans who are collectively transforming the future of American life.

In lieu of Black History Month, we’re spending February uplifting a handful of the modern-day Black political leaders who are working toward building a more equitable version of America where we can all thrive. The folks we’re uplifting through #BlackFutureMonth this year are all incredible leaders working in the political arena who are changing the face of politics and doing incredible work.

Want to learn more and view our past Black History Month campaigns? Head to equalitync.org/blackaugust.

Join Our PAC!

We’re hitting the ground running and looking for new members for ENC’s Political Action Committee for 2021! If you’re passionate about pursuing LGBTQ equity through the electoral process, this is the perfect opportunity for you. ENC is seeking diverse voices with deep connections to their communities who can provide expertise and insight about the leaders that North Carolina needs in the years ahead.

Members of ENC’s PAC can expect to meet over Zoom twice a month and work 3-5 hours each month on PAC responsibilities outside the committee meetings. PAC calls are generally one hour, at a date and time determined by the group.

Our committee focuses on identifying candidates for public office, offering them an issue-informed questionnaire for consideration, and collectively reviewing the answers they submit. For some races, we conduct additional candidate interviews with the committee. We will provide training and education about this process so those with less experience should not be intimidated about applying!

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Head to equalitync.org/PAC for more information.

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